Sunday, May 29, 2011

2:33 am wake up call!

Just barely 7 hours ago, i was woke up by a call from my fren looking for my fren cause he worried bout her! As you know, midnight call never a good sign call. So after a few call and confirmation everything was fine and it already 3 am! And i was liked "SHIT, how am i gonna sleep after some false-alarm-heart-attacked-midnight-call". I woke up, called my fren Roger asked him what time Champion League match start, timing was just nice, it started around 3am. So i change and start my car find some place to watch that match.

Bloody hell! Never thought that at 3am mamak nearby my place was PACK! Felt KNN! Then as a last choice, when to Ming Tien, luckily still manage to get a seat and watch the match with a damn KNS sweet teh tarik. Time i reached there, the score already 1-1. Me myself alone and not a football enthusiastic supporter manage to watch the match till end. Indeed, that was a exciting match ended 3-1 won by Barcelona! Back home straight dive into bed. Until 7 am, another call again, this time 'Nature Call'. I know that i wont able to get back into my sleep once i wake up 7am except i fucking tired.

Again, wash up and change, when to Paramount to eat that cocky-aunty-curry-mee. Hehe, i was with the last of curry mee, the next person who tired to order already sold out..HAHA, felt satisfied and back home as a happy guy!

It seems no point going out that wee out to watch football and wake up early to eat curry mee, but for me, life short, just try and enjoy (for sometimes)

Never that at Paramount have a panoramic view of KL !

Hope can doze off later! enjoy this lovely Sunday!