Saturday, January 22, 2011

3 months ago...

It been exactly 3 months from the date of last blog post. Whoa, quarter of a year just passed without a single update from my blog. Everything stopped or even before my old-junk desktop being declared brain dead, and i had no computer to blog (except using Ms Pan's lappie). Nearly forget my login password.

For the pass 3 months, things do happened, from my birthday celebration to Christmas and new year celebration and i had a lot of celebration in these 3 months. I do wanna to make my life more merrier rather than sitting at home watching dramas like last time, but of course i do need some rest (plenty of it) sometimes.

Just happened today, i came across a news that one of my office's client whom aged early 30'ies just slept and never wake up. And this remind me that life is short, and just cherish it while we can. Life without friends are just meaningless, and friends do help each others when facing problems. And now, I facing some problem, Financial Problem, if we are buddies or friends, kindly show your sincere and kindness, all you need to do just show your willingness and generosity during CNY ok, please bet higher and remember don't curse me and my family if you lose some money to me ok. I love you all.

God Bless you ALL!!!