Tuesday, October 19, 2010

85 days Pit Stop!!!

Yes, i have stopped update my blog for 85 days since my last post. In this 85 days past, just don't know what to write about and the OHM!! to continue blogging just slowly vanished, but today the "KICK" to write is coming back. So i decided to continue bullshit blog!!!

Hope with this "KICK" i will gear up to continue blogging and bluffing. YIPPIE -KAY-YAY!!!!

STARTING to bullshit blog!!! AGAIN

Before i signing off, i just want to give my honour my nokia 3230 and my desktop P4 which both gone to brain dead status 2 weeks apart each another (is it coincidence or FUCKING BAD LUCK!!!) for 5 great servicing years.**salute**


  1. hey seon, u goin to buy new desktop or repair it?? cos my desktop also down ady... i think i need to buy a new 1..but i dunno much about it.. I need consultant! hehe

  2. lazy to repair, i think i will go for laptop, consultation wise should ask gaylou...

  3. gaylou, seem disappeared...hehe
    btw, im sui la...each time got trouble only find him!! 'ng hou yi si' la...hehe

  4. haha...jackie oso realise only got trouble then find gay lou boh...