Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What If I’m a Russian Spy?

Oh, long time din blog for nuffnang contest dy...Hope luck on my side...

In conjunction of the premier screen of Salt starred by Angelina Jolie, nuffnang is again giving away free premier tickets and some cool prizes **Sony Bloggie phone**, all you need to do is to blog about what mission entrusted by Mother Russian to you and how you gonna execute it. (hope dun get him a Father Russian). For more info, please click here.

The mission i received was to compare whether Russian Spy or British Spy Better? This is how i done it....

British Spies

Russia Spy....

As a professional spy, you need to as a normal person as common as possible, all those british spies are 6' ++ and too good looking made them easily spotted, you see me, less than 6' and not as handsome as leonardo dicaprio so Russian Spy 1 point ahead British Spy. 1-0

British Spy with Aston Martin

Russian Spy with 1.3 Ezi Myvi

In here, even if you drive aston martin with 500hp++ also no use ma, always jam here jam there, and not fuel efficient at all, but myvi different, although with 50hp, it fuel efficient, jam also not scare... and myvi is less noticeable than aston martin, which is thumb of rule being a spy.. Russian gain another point.. 2-0

British Spy

Russian Spy

Aiyoh want to shoot must use the best and the most powerful...British spy only use small handgun with silencer , get hit also still can run and escape., You see, Russian Spy, use THIS..SURE KENA N MATI TERUS LA... Another point for Russian, 3-0

British Spy

Russian Spy

British spy like to kick somebody on the floor or injured, while russian spy on challenge those who stand tall n most probably bigger size too..So this final point shall Russian....4-0

After all these, it proved that Russian Spy is better than British Spy.

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  1. good luck^^ hope you get the tickets^^

    nanged and clicked on your digi, do hit me bek ya^^