Wednesday, June 30, 2010

UPSR and PMR? Are they really that important?

Both of this Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) and Pencapaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) are yet to get the confirmation to be abolished or continue. By the way, are they really a big deal? I heard that these are important to continue to assess they child progress, some agreed that these examinations need to be axed since our education system is much too exam-oriented.

Haiz, if these exams being abolished, the young also suffered. Since the schools always have exams. e.g, start with test, early mid term exam, test , mid term exam, test, pre-exam, test, final exam...Even if they abolished those, what the big deal? Most of the time, i heard the students will either have exam or test fortnightly. And because of the frequent test and exam caused extra class being held after school and weekend too. Are they really know what they learning or they studied just to score? Frankly, i never know why i learned Kesasteraan Melayu and read bout the Perlumbaan Kedua...maybe they want us to be kura kura!!!

Even our education system starting to give up of the co-curriculum, before this, co-curriculum held on every saturday, then changed to fortnight, then changed to each wednesday after school (1 hour). 1 hour!!!, boss, 1 hour boleh buat apa even tidur also tak cukup la?

In my point of view, i felt that co-curriculum activities are important in building up characters (i'm not publicizing st john here) . The co-curriculum i mentioned not just uniform bodies, but also sports, e.g football, badminton even snooker etc.

So, Muhyiddin, if you are reading my blog, please think again in importance of co-curriculum.

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  1. (i'm not publicizing st john here)
    ^ yet you mention st john here... hahaha