Monday, June 7, 2010

Speedboat + Bikini ???

Speed boat and bikini not a very suitable combination for the ladies. Recently i went to phuket island (i hope i will write about it) and one of the activities is Island hopping to Phi Phi Island and Khai island. We choose to use speed boat instead of big boat since speed boat is much much faster than big boat. The speed boat we boarded is quite pack, just like movie where people packed into one ship to sneak into others country illegally.

Why speed boat + bikini not a nice combination for ladies? This need to refer to First Law of Thermodynamics where energy cannot be created or destroyed but can be transferred from one form to another. When the speedboat is traveling fucking very fast, when fucking very fast and collide with some wave, the boat will bounce a bit and some of this bouncing energy will absorbed by the passenger in the boat. And this bouncing will sometimes transfer into your boobs then creating oscillation movement. (if you dun understand this crabs nvm, i got some pictures to describe to you)


There is nothing to do with Jessica Alba, i only want to borrow her boobs and bikini only.

Speed Boat:

Something like that, around 675 hp..fucking fast

Result: The boobs will something like this


This happening to some ladies who on board with us, some foreigner and local. Oh sorry, not only ladies some men too, their spare tyres also bouncing like water ball too... A foreigner sitting in front of me wearing bikini, she thought wanna have some sunbath, suddenly she felt something wrong, her AIRBAGS bouncing violently until she also beh tahan and cover up her boobs. Then another local (most probably malaysian), suffered the same too, although she wore something to cover her boobs up but still not good enuf...she decided to use her hand and press her boobs, so that her boobs won't bounce violently...Felt pity for her too, since the boat is fucking fast we need to hold on the something to stabilize, so she one hand hold on the bar, then another hand pressing her boobs, and her eye just keep looking at her AIRBAGS while in the boat.

So be prepared lo....

p/s: this only my personal view, if you that your boobs are solid enuf to resist the bouncing then go ahead ....HAHAHAHA


  1. your boobs and spare tyre got bounce also?

  2. vibrate mildly but not violently..HAHAHA