Thursday, June 10, 2010

Milk Prank

Back to year 2003, after matriculation program, me and few of my friends volunteer for orientation for the new batch. Since during the orientation we so called facilitator are damn free, we played cards at room, which the scene something like that....

scene 1

3 of us, me, my Partner In Crime (P.I.C) KK Lim, and the victim ,Ah Chin....While we are playing cards, Ah Chin excused a moment and went to toilet which was quite far away since the toilet in the room was not working. I guessed remembered that KK Lim was the one who suggested change the expired milk with the fresh milk that Ah Chin was drinking and I never stopping him from doing that.

scene 2

scene 3 (the fresh milk was replaced with 3 days expired milk)

scene 4

scene 5

After that, we kept laughing until Ah Chin came back, we continued playing, he noticed something amiss, starting to suspect something not correct. At this point, in order to make him believed that the milk was safe to drink, i volunteered to drink 1st, luckily before i drank it, we changed topic and he forgot about the milk. As we playing, he picked up the EXPIRED MILK and drank it without any suspect..... After 3 seconds he gulping in the milk, his eyes WIDE open and rushed to the "not function toilet" vomit. Me n KK Lim LMAO for continuous 5 min, almost unable to breath.

After Ah Chin finished vomiting, we asked him how the expired milk tasted, he said something like jelly kind stuff passed through his throat that why he vomit out.....After the cards game, we went to bath, and we still could heard him vomiting...LOL....

I think this is one of my favorite prank i ever done.


  1. that's so mean! i drank expired milk before so i know its totally gross.


  2. ...............boring.......