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KITA the Musical review

Last Thursday which i suppose to have my weekly badminton session at taman megah badminton court, i went to watch Kita The Musical (what to do....Ms Pan asked ma). Since Ms Pan was giving me 2 tickets for this show, which initially 1 ticket was ready for her brother but her brother cannot make it then suddenly left 1 extra ticket. I called a couple of guy who turned down my invitation, luckily able to find Kampar's Leng Lui (Jackie) to accompany watch this show..Terima Kasih Banyak Banyak.

Here the Synopsis of the musical:

It’s early 1970s in Teluk Intan… three kids hang around the leaning tower, a dragon suddenly emerges from the tower and soars to the sky, the kids watch in awe and amazement… It is only a dream, they awake to find themselves amidst a bustling morning market next to the leaning tower…

Rahman, Cheong and Amish are neighbors as well as childhood friends.

Rahman’s father is a Penghulu. Though a busy man with many children and having to serve the villagers, the cheerful and optimistic Pak Hassan shares a close bonding with Rahman…Cheong is the only son of the Chin’s family. His father emigrated from China at the age of 18 and started a Chinese medicine shop on his own after being the apprentice to an old Sen Sei for many years. Communicating with his stern and taciturn father has always been difficult for Cheong…Amish is raised by his grandmother Naini in the rubber estate. He is the only one in his estate who manages to attend high school, everyone in the estate pins high hope on him…Rahman meet young and beautiful kampung girl Ayu. Knowing Ayu is an illiterate with avid desire for learning to read and write, Rahman volunteers to tutor her…

On an unexpected occasion, Penghulu Pak Hassan suffers a heart attack and passes away. Rahman loses his beloved father. Cheong and Amish share his grief deeply…. The impermanent nature of life shake Cheong up, that he must cherish what he is having at the present time and try to communicate more with his father before it’s too late.

The Trio later forms a singing group and calls themselves “KITA” to participate in the “Bintang Malaysia” Finals in Kuala Lumpur, their first venture into the capital city! Meanwhile, Amish falls in love with Cheong’s sister Moi, both keep their relationship a secret…

“KITA” - the musical depicts the coming of age of Rahman, Cheong and Amish since young as how they share their childhood days, their dreams, their fear and disappointment; how they overcome difficult times, grieve the loss of love ones, enjoy their colorful cross-culture experiences, face love and challenges, and eventually each achieves success and realizes individual dream in its own way.

The cast for this musical as follow:-

Hafiz AF7 as Rahman
Eric Lin
as Cheong
Michael Rao
as Ganesh
Nas Adila
as Ayu
Amy Wang
as Chun Moi
Dato’ Jalaluddin Hassan
as Pak Hassan
Lim Cheng Hock
as Chin SR
Sukania Venugopal
as Grandma Naini

The big shot of this Musical

My Summary:

This show is to promote unity among all the Malaysian and also publicized emphasized on 1 Malaysia concept. I think is a good show for the young one, at least can brainwash build up them on unity.

The backdrop for this musical is nice, especially they able to replicate part of the Menara Condong Teluk Intan and a small moving bus on the stage. The way they present this musical quite interesting too.

For the storyline, as in the earlier mentioned that to promote unity and harmony living among all malaysian, there will be no violent in this show. The flow of this musical is quite smooth where the climax not so climax and the non climax also not so climax. I think if they able to come out with more real life situation like not all malaysian able to live harmoniously then this show will be more interesting.

Is really hoped that the 1 Malaysia concept will materialize in not that long.

This show gonna end this sunday, still have 2 more show, for more info just click here

My overall review: 6.5/10

p/s: Terima Kasih Jackie again and this time is for your determination for not sleeping during this musical...Terima Kasih Banyak Banyak....

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