Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Funeral For Pudu Jail

" A funeral for Pudu Jail"-Pudu Jail will be demolished tomorrow night! Let's gather & goodbye to our old heritage & largest mural painting wall. Please gather at Hang Tuah Star lrt this sunday night 8pm, wear White & walk towards Pudu Jail and light Up white Candle. Please bring along any kind of materials and music instruments that use for Funeral to commemorate our precious historical building!

This this the sms i received from Ms Pan before that night, asking me to go to there and have a look. On that day evening i was taking my evening nap then Ms Pan called me and ask me whether wanna go or not...I was reluctant to go at first since i was sleeping (you know, when you sleeping and waked by the phone ...sure sudah DU LAN dy) but after a couple of smses from her...i heading to Pudu there (sorry, the SMSes content will not disclosed here...haiz).

Here some photos i took at there, and sorry for the low quality pictures since i took it with my Nokia 3230 (5 years old phone is like this lo):

background the time square

the long mural painting wall

nice graffiti add-on

quite numbers of DSLR kakis there...all using BIG BIG camera...

quite many ART ppl at there to watch the funeral

funeral start...

dunno who n dunno what he trying to do..

too hungry n have dinner in front of pudu jail?

that guys writing some numbers at the door there, what i saw is 1895, maybe he wanna give the nombor ekor to the punter. As you can see, there are church sister ready and not first aider at there...

even little kid participate in this event....

After watching that guy eating n writing something at the door, i just balik dy..maybe more events happened after that since my stomach was also starting preparing funeral if i dun eat...

That the end of the 1895 jail..


  1. HAHA...nikel, go there to see how the so called funeral being held...actually quite artistic or creative way too...just like watching show

    Gaylou...may be really in deep trance that time...