Sunday, June 6, 2010


What is the KID thinking nowadays?

The kids i just mentioned here is not the 8-12 years old but those who are aged 13-17 years old, usually they are categorized in young adolescences in here i categorized them as KID. The different between both of them are young adolescences can make a much more comprehensive thinking than kids i.e young adolescences will know the consequences of their choice.

Why i so sudden talking cock about this? Actually i still involve in uniform unit in school and recently they are having a MAJOR glitch. Since there are a lot of problems, here i only focus on the most recent news i received. Got 1 kid who suppose to get something done quite a long ago, but only recently found out that nothing have been done so far, and after confronted with him, he replied that he cannot handle it and wanna resigned!!! This really TLLM, cannot handle easy task but can handle "relationship",this is called 宁爱美人,不爱江山 , really give this kid CHA LAN DOU. Willing to give up everything just to enter to their LOVE DREAM. kek 9 lan hei.

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