Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Are you a 24/7 BF/GF?

NO, is my final answer. If you answered no, do it means that you are not caring and not putting effort in the relationship? My answer also NO either.

Today i was told that i not care about her, cause when i back from office, i either facing the TV or Computer and clicking the facebook and check mail, go to the gym, and on weekend back kampar or hangout with friends. I was GOSH!!!TLLM, what the hell is this again. Do i each time come home and talk report to you everything i done that day for example "Today i 930 went out meeting and during the meeting the client screwed me UPside DOWN yet i need to smile at him then after meeting i rushed back office and before that i ate Chicken Rice and 1 ice tea at the restaurant below my office .....". If you really something like that, then maafkan saya, i try my best to do that.

If you asking for a talk or heart to heart section each day before go to sleep then sorry i just dunno what to talk or share since most of my time either working or driving, for some reason i seldom talk about my work because after i punch my attendance card, i put everything in my office including the problems and works in the office, that the reason i not talking about work if can actually i just darn tired to talk about it and how can I tell you that i screwed by my boss because i was caught playing facebook while working meh, so no MACHO lo.

Do i really not care about you or chat with you? For me, i done my best already, ie, while i fetch you to somewhere else, i did chat with you, although time is short (30km not short ok). If you asking for long duration, CAN, you can talk to me while i am asleep i will try my best reply you with my snoring and drooling I only focus on QUALITY and not QUANTITY. When i care about you, you just dunno, when at late night you still haven't came back actually i very worry about you till i felt asleep. When you are sleep i always make sure you are blanket and not get cold, when you said you wanna supper i always said no because i suppering is not healthy, when you said you wanna go shopping and i insisted want to stay home because i want to spend more time with you only. This is the way i care bout you. If you asked me why i always hang out with frens and not with you because my frens are sad and i as their best buddy need care them. If you asked why i back kampar so often, because i miss my MUM so much.

With all the above, you cannot said that i dun care much about you.

p/s: Friends out there, if she ask whether you are sad or not, please co-operate and say "YES I AM FUCKING SAD!!!" if not she won't trust what i said above.


  1. Yeah, actually a 24/7 relationship is obsession already. We need to practice moderation =)

  2. seon, you so pandai at making excuses ah....

  3. we tend to see things in diff way when we're into it. just do ur best and cherish this r/ship as much as u want it.

  4. wei~ why u want to 'kap mai' with friends!?!?!? u want to 'cheong sui' me ah!?
    I do the same way as you ok?

  5. you see, me so good! make your blog colourful again. the next blog that u hv to write is abt the BUGSSSSSSSSSSSS.......=P

    don PAPARKAN things between us very malu >_< not a boy, but i also need face geh~
    and please, not report but 'SHARE'.

  6. haha...only this way ppl knw i innocent la..HAHAHAHA