Wednesday, June 30, 2010

UPSR and PMR? Are they really that important?

Both of this Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) and Pencapaian Menengah Rendah (PMR) are yet to get the confirmation to be abolished or continue. By the way, are they really a big deal? I heard that these are important to continue to assess they child progress, some agreed that these examinations need to be axed since our education system is much too exam-oriented.

Haiz, if these exams being abolished, the young also suffered. Since the schools always have exams. e.g, start with test, early mid term exam, test , mid term exam, test, pre-exam, test, final exam...Even if they abolished those, what the big deal? Most of the time, i heard the students will either have exam or test fortnightly. And because of the frequent test and exam caused extra class being held after school and weekend too. Are they really know what they learning or they studied just to score? Frankly, i never know why i learned Kesasteraan Melayu and read bout the Perlumbaan Kedua...maybe they want us to be kura kura!!!

Even our education system starting to give up of the co-curriculum, before this, co-curriculum held on every saturday, then changed to fortnight, then changed to each wednesday after school (1 hour). 1 hour!!!, boss, 1 hour boleh buat apa even tidur also tak cukup la?

In my point of view, i felt that co-curriculum activities are important in building up characters (i'm not publicizing st john here) . The co-curriculum i mentioned not just uniform bodies, but also sports, e.g football, badminton even snooker etc.

So, Muhyiddin, if you are reading my blog, please think again in importance of co-curriculum.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Funeral For Pudu Jail

" A funeral for Pudu Jail"-Pudu Jail will be demolished tomorrow night! Let's gather & goodbye to our old heritage & largest mural painting wall. Please gather at Hang Tuah Star lrt this sunday night 8pm, wear White & walk towards Pudu Jail and light Up white Candle. Please bring along any kind of materials and music instruments that use for Funeral to commemorate our precious historical building!

This this the sms i received from Ms Pan before that night, asking me to go to there and have a look. On that day evening i was taking my evening nap then Ms Pan called me and ask me whether wanna go or not...I was reluctant to go at first since i was sleeping (you know, when you sleeping and waked by the phone ...sure sudah DU LAN dy) but after a couple of smses from her...i heading to Pudu there (sorry, the SMSes content will not disclosed here...haiz).

Here some photos i took at there, and sorry for the low quality pictures since i took it with my Nokia 3230 (5 years old phone is like this lo):

background the time square

the long mural painting wall

nice graffiti add-on

quite numbers of DSLR kakis there...all using BIG BIG camera...

quite many ART ppl at there to watch the funeral

funeral start...

dunno who n dunno what he trying to do..

too hungry n have dinner in front of pudu jail?

that guys writing some numbers at the door there, what i saw is 1895, maybe he wanna give the nombor ekor to the punter. As you can see, there are church sister ready and not first aider at there...

even little kid participate in this event....

After watching that guy eating n writing something at the door, i just balik dy..maybe more events happened after that since my stomach was also starting preparing funeral if i dun eat...

That the end of the 1895 jail..

Knight and Day movie review

I think most probably this will be my last "watched alone movie", since Ms Pan performance will be end today and which means she will has no practice on weekend where most probably my nightmare begin more often scrolling around at mega mall at weekend *love it*.

Synopsis of the movie:
Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz star in the action-comedy KNIGHT AND DAY. During their glamorous and sometimes deadly adventure, nothing and no one - even the now fugitive couple - are what they seem. Amid shifting alliances and unexpected betrayals, they race across the globe, with their survival ultimately hinging on the battle of truth vs. trust.
(source from

Diaz looked OLD, VERY OLD..

My summary:
This is a great action romantic movie. Although both Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz are veteran yet they still great in shape and they acting still awesome. I think it should be categorized as action romantic comedies movie, this movie sure will lighten your days. The storyline of this movie nice. I won't talk on the storyline, cause i dun wan to spoil your movie. But i can said that, Tom Cruise is MORE HEBAT daripada James Bond and Robot Cop...HAHAHA..Although some action seems to be not making sense yet that the reasons made this a great movie.

You Watch this movie.

My overall review: 8.5/10

p/s: Please don't get me wrong that i dun like to watch movie with Ms Pan, it just if you watch movie alone, it is very EASY to buy ticket on the spot and no need to buy in advance..that all.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

KITA the Musical review

Last Thursday which i suppose to have my weekly badminton session at taman megah badminton court, i went to watch Kita The Musical (what to do....Ms Pan asked ma). Since Ms Pan was giving me 2 tickets for this show, which initially 1 ticket was ready for her brother but her brother cannot make it then suddenly left 1 extra ticket. I called a couple of guy who turned down my invitation, luckily able to find Kampar's Leng Lui (Jackie) to accompany watch this show..Terima Kasih Banyak Banyak.

Here the Synopsis of the musical:

It’s early 1970s in Teluk Intan… three kids hang around the leaning tower, a dragon suddenly emerges from the tower and soars to the sky, the kids watch in awe and amazement… It is only a dream, they awake to find themselves amidst a bustling morning market next to the leaning tower…

Rahman, Cheong and Amish are neighbors as well as childhood friends.

Rahman’s father is a Penghulu. Though a busy man with many children and having to serve the villagers, the cheerful and optimistic Pak Hassan shares a close bonding with Rahman…Cheong is the only son of the Chin’s family. His father emigrated from China at the age of 18 and started a Chinese medicine shop on his own after being the apprentice to an old Sen Sei for many years. Communicating with his stern and taciturn father has always been difficult for Cheong…Amish is raised by his grandmother Naini in the rubber estate. He is the only one in his estate who manages to attend high school, everyone in the estate pins high hope on him…Rahman meet young and beautiful kampung girl Ayu. Knowing Ayu is an illiterate with avid desire for learning to read and write, Rahman volunteers to tutor her…

On an unexpected occasion, Penghulu Pak Hassan suffers a heart attack and passes away. Rahman loses his beloved father. Cheong and Amish share his grief deeply…. The impermanent nature of life shake Cheong up, that he must cherish what he is having at the present time and try to communicate more with his father before it’s too late.

The Trio later forms a singing group and calls themselves “KITA” to participate in the “Bintang Malaysia” Finals in Kuala Lumpur, their first venture into the capital city! Meanwhile, Amish falls in love with Cheong’s sister Moi, both keep their relationship a secret…

“KITA” - the musical depicts the coming of age of Rahman, Cheong and Amish since young as how they share their childhood days, their dreams, their fear and disappointment; how they overcome difficult times, grieve the loss of love ones, enjoy their colorful cross-culture experiences, face love and challenges, and eventually each achieves success and realizes individual dream in its own way.

The cast for this musical as follow:-

Hafiz AF7 as Rahman
Eric Lin
as Cheong
Michael Rao
as Ganesh
Nas Adila
as Ayu
Amy Wang
as Chun Moi
Dato’ Jalaluddin Hassan
as Pak Hassan
Lim Cheng Hock
as Chin SR
Sukania Venugopal
as Grandma Naini

The big shot of this Musical

My Summary:

This show is to promote unity among all the Malaysian and also publicized emphasized on 1 Malaysia concept. I think is a good show for the young one, at least can brainwash build up them on unity.

The backdrop for this musical is nice, especially they able to replicate part of the Menara Condong Teluk Intan and a small moving bus on the stage. The way they present this musical quite interesting too.

For the storyline, as in the earlier mentioned that to promote unity and harmony living among all malaysian, there will be no violent in this show. The flow of this musical is quite smooth where the climax not so climax and the non climax also not so climax. I think if they able to come out with more real life situation like not all malaysian able to live harmoniously then this show will be more interesting.

Is really hoped that the 1 Malaysia concept will materialize in not that long.

This show gonna end this sunday, still have 2 more show, for more info just click here

My overall review: 6.5/10

p/s: Terima Kasih Jackie again and this time is for your determination for not sleeping during this musical...Terima Kasih Banyak Banyak....

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Karate Kid movie review

Since yesterday (Saturday) Ms Pan quite free before bum in for the musical at Istana Budaya, we went to watch The Karate Kid at 1 U. It really advisable to buy tickets online rather than buy on the spots, each time i saw the queue, one sentence sure pop from my head " MAT 7 oh" damn crowded like have free tickets, situation at GSC Mid Valley even worst, from counter till Mcdonald Ice Cream Kiosk...

Dre Parker (Jaden Smith) is a 12-year-old living in Detroit when his mother Sherry (Taraji Henson) gets a job in China. Once in China, Dre misses home and wants to go back to the US. His mother tells him that China is home now, and he must learn to accept his new home. Dre begins to like China when he falls for his classmate Mei Ying (Wenwen Han). Dre's feelings for Mei Ying are seen by Cheng (Zhenwei Wang) the class bully who is out to stop it. Cheng puts Dre to the ground with ease using his Kung Fu training. Dre doesn't have a chance using the little karate that he knows, and Cheng proves it the next time he sees Dre. Dre is getting beaten badly when Mr. Han (Jackie Chan) the maintenance man, secretly a Kung Fu Master, stops the fight. Dre persuades Mr. Han to teach him Kung Fu. With this knowledge, Dre must now face down Cheng in a fight to win his respect in a Kung Fu tournament. (

My summary:
Before watched this movie, many ppl recommended this movie, thumbs up too.. But i dun think that interesting, the storyline quite nice but the play ..erm.....
Maybe watched too much Donnie Yen IpMan fighting dy, that why when watching Jackie Chan seems tarak boleh...And just knw that, Jaden Smith is Will smith's son, think later he will just as good as his father soon...
Anyway, it was a good movie for my weekend...

Overall review: 7/10

p/s: Again, a dude bring his child watching this movie, that child keep repeating the movie dialogue and each time saw jackie chan sure said "IS JACKIE CHAN, DAD"...*sweat*

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Milk Prank

Back to year 2003, after matriculation program, me and few of my friends volunteer for orientation for the new batch. Since during the orientation we so called facilitator are damn free, we played cards at room, which the scene something like that....

scene 1

3 of us, me, my Partner In Crime (P.I.C) KK Lim, and the victim ,Ah Chin....While we are playing cards, Ah Chin excused a moment and went to toilet which was quite far away since the toilet in the room was not working. I guessed remembered that KK Lim was the one who suggested change the expired milk with the fresh milk that Ah Chin was drinking and I never stopping him from doing that.

scene 2

scene 3 (the fresh milk was replaced with 3 days expired milk)

scene 4

scene 5

After that, we kept laughing until Ah Chin came back, we continued playing, he noticed something amiss, starting to suspect something not correct. At this point, in order to make him believed that the milk was safe to drink, i volunteered to drink 1st, luckily before i drank it, we changed topic and he forgot about the milk. As we playing, he picked up the EXPIRED MILK and drank it without any suspect..... After 3 seconds he gulping in the milk, his eyes WIDE open and rushed to the "not function toilet" vomit. Me n KK Lim LMAO for continuous 5 min, almost unable to breath.

After Ah Chin finished vomiting, we asked him how the expired milk tasted, he said something like jelly kind stuff passed through his throat that why he vomit out.....After the cards game, we went to bath, and we still could heard him vomiting...LOL....

I think this is one of my favorite prank i ever done.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Are you a 24/7 BF/GF?

NO, is my final answer. If you answered no, do it means that you are not caring and not putting effort in the relationship? My answer also NO either.

Today i was told that i not care about her, cause when i back from office, i either facing the TV or Computer and clicking the facebook and check mail, go to the gym, and on weekend back kampar or hangout with friends. I was GOSH!!!TLLM, what the hell is this again. Do i each time come home and talk report to you everything i done that day for example "Today i 930 went out meeting and during the meeting the client screwed me UPside DOWN yet i need to smile at him then after meeting i rushed back office and before that i ate Chicken Rice and 1 ice tea at the restaurant below my office .....". If you really something like that, then maafkan saya, i try my best to do that.

If you asking for a talk or heart to heart section each day before go to sleep then sorry i just dunno what to talk or share since most of my time either working or driving, for some reason i seldom talk about my work because after i punch my attendance card, i put everything in my office including the problems and works in the office, that the reason i not talking about work if can actually i just darn tired to talk about it and how can I tell you that i screwed by my boss because i was caught playing facebook while working meh, so no MACHO lo.

Do i really not care about you or chat with you? For me, i done my best already, ie, while i fetch you to somewhere else, i did chat with you, although time is short (30km not short ok). If you asking for long duration, CAN, you can talk to me while i am asleep i will try my best reply you with my snoring and drooling I only focus on QUALITY and not QUANTITY. When i care about you, you just dunno, when at late night you still haven't came back actually i very worry about you till i felt asleep. When you are sleep i always make sure you are blanket and not get cold, when you said you wanna supper i always said no because i suppering is not healthy, when you said you wanna go shopping and i insisted want to stay home because i want to spend more time with you only. This is the way i care bout you. If you asked me why i always hang out with frens and not with you because my frens are sad and i as their best buddy need care them. If you asked why i back kampar so often, because i miss my MUM so much.

With all the above, you cannot said that i dun care much about you.

p/s: Friends out there, if she ask whether you are sad or not, please co-operate and say "YES I AM FUCKING SAD!!!" if not she won't trust what i said above.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Speedboat + Bikini ???

Speed boat and bikini not a very suitable combination for the ladies. Recently i went to phuket island (i hope i will write about it) and one of the activities is Island hopping to Phi Phi Island and Khai island. We choose to use speed boat instead of big boat since speed boat is much much faster than big boat. The speed boat we boarded is quite pack, just like movie where people packed into one ship to sneak into others country illegally.

Why speed boat + bikini not a nice combination for ladies? This need to refer to First Law of Thermodynamics where energy cannot be created or destroyed but can be transferred from one form to another. When the speedboat is traveling fucking very fast, when fucking very fast and collide with some wave, the boat will bounce a bit and some of this bouncing energy will absorbed by the passenger in the boat. And this bouncing will sometimes transfer into your boobs then creating oscillation movement. (if you dun understand this crabs nvm, i got some pictures to describe to you)


There is nothing to do with Jessica Alba, i only want to borrow her boobs and bikini only.

Speed Boat:

Something like that, around 675 hp..fucking fast

Result: The boobs will something like this


This happening to some ladies who on board with us, some foreigner and local. Oh sorry, not only ladies some men too, their spare tyres also bouncing like water ball too... A foreigner sitting in front of me wearing bikini, she thought wanna have some sunbath, suddenly she felt something wrong, her AIRBAGS bouncing violently until she also beh tahan and cover up her boobs. Then another local (most probably malaysian), suffered the same too, although she wore something to cover her boobs up but still not good enuf...she decided to use her hand and press her boobs, so that her boobs won't bounce violently...Felt pity for her too, since the boat is fucking fast we need to hold on the something to stabilize, so she one hand hold on the bar, then another hand pressing her boobs, and her eye just keep looking at her AIRBAGS while in the boat.

So be prepared lo....

p/s: this only my personal view, if you that your boobs are solid enuf to resist the bouncing then go ahead ....HAHAHAHA

Sunday, June 6, 2010


What is the KID thinking nowadays?

The kids i just mentioned here is not the 8-12 years old but those who are aged 13-17 years old, usually they are categorized in young adolescences in here i categorized them as KID. The different between both of them are young adolescences can make a much more comprehensive thinking than kids i.e young adolescences will know the consequences of their choice.

Why i so sudden talking cock about this? Actually i still involve in uniform unit in school and recently they are having a MAJOR glitch. Since there are a lot of problems, here i only focus on the most recent news i received. Got 1 kid who suppose to get something done quite a long ago, but only recently found out that nothing have been done so far, and after confronted with him, he replied that he cannot handle it and wanna resigned!!! This really TLLM, cannot handle easy task but can handle "relationship",this is called 宁爱美人,不爱江山 , really give this kid CHA LAN DOU. Willing to give up everything just to enter to their LOVE DREAM. kek 9 lan hei.