Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wolf Woman Spotted at Tropicana Mall

It happened last Friday, i saw the whole process of transformation. Here the story, last friday, i went to watch Clash of the Titan at the Tropicana Mall GSC. After i parked the car, i went to the nearest lift. Same cargo with me are 2 ladies in their early 30's or late 20's and a young muscular good looking guy.

As soon as the lift door closed, the two ladies stared at that guy awhile and then they stared each other and with some sinister smile then stared at that guy. I looked at the ladies' face is resembled something like this

Even that guys in the lift also a bit scared 9 jor. HAHAHA, too bad the life only ended less than a minute if not ar, i sure can witness what happened to that guy next. And this shown that wolf woman not at legend anymore.

legend no more.

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