Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mind and Body SYSTEM ERROR!!!

Lately, me suffering from mind and body system error... i think my body and my brain receptors having some problems. We my mind thought of doing something, but my body is doing another. Is that NORMAL? Many times already, for example, my mind want to eat Wan Tan Mee, but somehow my body automatically eat chicken rice. Like i want to wear blue, but i wore black...When i want to drink, but i eat first.. When i wanna shit, i only pee or vice versa...Can anyone tell me, am i ok?

Now i also not sure, whether the beam i designed ok or not? Maybe the beam size i wanna put 750 but i put 250 ....FUCK LO!!! Luckily i din go for prostitution, if not when my mind wanna a real woman, then my body go for AH GUA...SEI LO....

if this happened, i either make him mute him or kill him so that this case won;t spread out..HAHAHAHA

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