Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How My GF Prevent Me From Reading Her BLOG!!!

How my GF prevent me from reading blog? Very easy only, without any passwords or block my URL..She just use chinese in her blog then me no need to read it...She said that i can use google to translate but by the time i translate and understand the whole blog already morning...so that why, when she using chinese to write her blog means "YOU DUN READ MY BLOG" that easy...

this one i knw what it means...hahaha

Erm, if next time i still dun understand what her blog means, i find some CHINA masseuse to translate to me...maybe can do others too while translating...YOYO..


  1. i try ask college ppl help u translate.. hahaz..

  2. seon, sometimes i also don want my bf to view my blog geh, unfortunately, i duno chinese. so i canot prevent him froom doing so. if i really need to write in chinese, so isit a reverse way of what you did by translating english to chinese? keke.. =) funny!