Saturday, April 24, 2010


It been awhile i not update my blog, before this, i always try to update my blog thrice or twice a week at least but not, it hard for me to update this blog even once a week. Is not that i'm that busy, it just that don't have the determination and the creativity to continue it.When each time i wanna write something, at the same the things i wanna blog about keep flying away then my mind blank.....haiz

I think this due to stress, STRESS (n/mm^2), it kept bugging my for weeks dy. From work stress to home stress to personal stress. But work stress contribute around 70%, while home stress contribute another 15% and personal conquered the rest. HAIZ, work stress need to face lo, since i get pay for that purpose. While the home stress, is something unavoidable, since everyday i need to go home..home stress consist of GF's nagging, GF's complaint, GF's order, GF's problem and etc GF's. For the personal stress, is a self engaged problem (sendiri cari susah).

With all the stress, mind sure GREY lo (why grey? wanna black all but cannot, wanna colourful also cannot, grey in the best to describe it). Luckily, some activities with ms pan & frens and movie seems to keep my body n mind alive. When wanna screams or talk loud loud scare ppl think me "CHI KAU LAN SIN", when wanna laugh loud loud also afraid ppl sent me to Tanjung Rambutan.

Wah, if this thing prolong ar, i dunno will suffer organ disfunctional or not, BUT so far every organ of my body are FUNCTIONING VERY WELL...HAHA., tomorrow need to go and do some mind therapy so can relax a bit.

(my definition of mind therapy: Buying toto or Magnum or 4D, why? because when buying lottery, i will give me some hope that i will be rich and no need to work any more this will ecstasy my whole day..hehe)

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