Saturday, April 24, 2010

Echoes Of The Rainbow (歲月神偷) movie review

I get knew this movie while i was reading newspaper in the toilet, in that article, it wrote that this movie is two thumbs up movie. Not long after that, i heard radio talked about this movie, and this movie nominated in many awards and won few of them too. With all that, i was desperate to watch this movie.

Here the synopsis:

Set in Hong Kong in the late 1960s, Echoes Of The Rainbow is about a working class family of four struggling with hardship in their everyday lives. Staying in a suburb called Sham Shui Po the majority poor live in the neighborhood and face good and bad times together.It revolves around the kid's struggling family: a shoe-maker father who treads in a pair of old torn sandals; a happy-go-lucky mother who believes that anything and everything is possible; an aspiring, starry-eyed elder brother who daydreams with his tropical fish; and our little hero who can proudly recite the 26 English alphabets backwards.

And along with these characters, we travel back to a time when all things were new, all girls were charming, all grown-ups were unfathomable, and all stories were, simply, beautiful.

Here my summary:
Whoa this time, Sandra Ng who played mother in this movie is act in the way that will make you tear drop. As i know, this movie is a low budget movie, no big action or explosion but a touching movie. This movie is about a family against all the odds to keep live happily but where have such happy ending, in the middle sure have this happened that made this movie so successful.

This boy, damn cute

There are few scenes that are quite touching, me also almost tear down, so how the water volume in the eyes yet to be full to be flow down. At the same time, i wonder, why the lady besides me (not ms Pan, i watched this alone) have no reaction, in my opinion, she will be crying or even wiping her tears dy or have some crying sound, i thought me too sentimental . Until they end of the story, i saw her wiping her tears dy...hehehe..
(that guy above, quite alike Wang Lee-hom)

My overall review: 8/10 (not bad, not bad)

p/s: 2 more hours, i will be watching A-MEI concert at stadium putra, wish me luck, hope i din fall asleep...

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  1. Been a while i didn't watch any asian movie...this seem appealing.....