Sunday, April 11, 2010

Beauty On Duty 美麗密令 movie review

Whoa, me really seldom update my blog...I not that busy, but LAZY..

Me last wedneday, me went watch movie alone since ms pan have dance practice. Since i am prohibited to watch Clash of the Titans without her, so i need to choose others to watch. And only Beauty on Duty available that time with nice seating and also have a tough week , i need some laughter to CHEER UP my day..

Movie synopsis:
This Easter, be prepared for another laugh-out-loud comedy starring Sandra Ng and Charlene Choi.

A rookie policewoman (Charlene Choi) rescues a witness of a murder case during her first patrol. The witness is willing to testify against the murderer only if the police team protects his daughter.

As a result of this, the rookie is forced to participate in the "Miss Asia Beauty Pageant" together with the girl to ensure she is safe by her side.

Here my summary:
Erm, the laughing index for this movie is almost same with Just Another Pandora Box... The storyline of this movie is just like normal beauty pageant movie, only the actors and actresses acting skill made this movie more entertaining...Even JIM CHIM a comedian cannot show his potential in this movie too..DULL

That why, a movie hilarious or not is just depending the mood, if your mood is COLOURFUL that day then everything and movie is will the best and vice versa. Since last week not a good week, movie also no good....haiz...

My overall review: 5.5/10

p/s: Haiz, hope can watch "Clash of Titans" this week la..

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  1. ok la..nxt time no ppl jio me go watch la..keke