Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wolf Woman Spotted at Tropicana Mall

It happened last Friday, i saw the whole process of transformation. Here the story, last friday, i went to watch Clash of the Titan at the Tropicana Mall GSC. After i parked the car, i went to the nearest lift. Same cargo with me are 2 ladies in their early 30's or late 20's and a young muscular good looking guy.

As soon as the lift door closed, the two ladies stared at that guy awhile and then they stared each other and with some sinister smile then stared at that guy. I looked at the ladies' face is resembled something like this

Even that guys in the lift also a bit scared 9 jor. HAHAHA, too bad the life only ended less than a minute if not ar, i sure can witness what happened to that guy next. And this shown that wolf woman not at legend anymore.

legend no more.

Clash of the Titans Movie review

Ya, i watched this movie only after 3 weeks in the silver screen. I was warned by Ms Pan that i need to wait her only can watch this movie, that why only last friday, we went to watch this movie at Tropicana Mall GSC. Even Mr Leong Wei Jie, teased 9 me, saying that i only watch this movie after ages, haiz, what to do, need to wait ppl and need to save money to buy movie tickets de ma.

Here the synopsis:

In Clash of the Titans, the ultimate struggle for power pits men against kings and kings against gods. But the war between the gods themselves could destroy the world. Born of a god but raised as a man, Perseus is helpless to save his family from Hades, vengeful god of the underworld. With nothing left to lose, Perseus volunteers to lead a dangerous mission to defeat Hades before he can seize power from Zeus and unleash hell on earth. Leading a daring band of warriors, Perseus sets off on a perilous journey deep into forbidden worlds. Battling unholy demons and fearsome beasts, he will only survive if he can accept his power as a god, defy his fate and create his own destiny.

Here my summary:

Not bad, recommended to watch in cinema. I think this will be a nice bed time stories for kid too. While i watching this movie, i wonder why Zeus have so many sons and daughter, before this i though he only got Hercules only, now plus Persues too...WHOA, hati bunga la dia. After i watched this movie, i only noticed that most of the characters in DOTA is ancient Rome gods and heroes.

My overall review: 7.5/10

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Echoes Of The Rainbow (歲月神偷) movie review

I get knew this movie while i was reading newspaper in the toilet, in that article, it wrote that this movie is two thumbs up movie. Not long after that, i heard radio talked about this movie, and this movie nominated in many awards and won few of them too. With all that, i was desperate to watch this movie.

Here the synopsis:

Set in Hong Kong in the late 1960s, Echoes Of The Rainbow is about a working class family of four struggling with hardship in their everyday lives. Staying in a suburb called Sham Shui Po the majority poor live in the neighborhood and face good and bad times together.It revolves around the kid's struggling family: a shoe-maker father who treads in a pair of old torn sandals; a happy-go-lucky mother who believes that anything and everything is possible; an aspiring, starry-eyed elder brother who daydreams with his tropical fish; and our little hero who can proudly recite the 26 English alphabets backwards.

And along with these characters, we travel back to a time when all things were new, all girls were charming, all grown-ups were unfathomable, and all stories were, simply, beautiful.

Here my summary:
Whoa this time, Sandra Ng who played mother in this movie is act in the way that will make you tear drop. As i know, this movie is a low budget movie, no big action or explosion but a touching movie. This movie is about a family against all the odds to keep live happily but where have such happy ending, in the middle sure have this happened that made this movie so successful.

This boy, damn cute

There are few scenes that are quite touching, me also almost tear down, so how the water volume in the eyes yet to be full to be flow down. At the same time, i wonder, why the lady besides me (not ms Pan, i watched this alone) have no reaction, in my opinion, she will be crying or even wiping her tears dy or have some crying sound, i thought me too sentimental . Until they end of the story, i saw her wiping her tears dy...hehehe..
(that guy above, quite alike Wang Lee-hom)

My overall review: 8/10 (not bad, not bad)

p/s: 2 more hours, i will be watching A-MEI concert at stadium putra, wish me luck, hope i din fall asleep...


It been awhile i not update my blog, before this, i always try to update my blog thrice or twice a week at least but not, it hard for me to update this blog even once a week. Is not that i'm that busy, it just that don't have the determination and the creativity to continue it.When each time i wanna write something, at the same the things i wanna blog about keep flying away then my mind blank.....haiz

I think this due to stress, STRESS (n/mm^2), it kept bugging my for weeks dy. From work stress to home stress to personal stress. But work stress contribute around 70%, while home stress contribute another 15% and personal conquered the rest. HAIZ, work stress need to face lo, since i get pay for that purpose. While the home stress, is something unavoidable, since everyday i need to go home..home stress consist of GF's nagging, GF's complaint, GF's order, GF's problem and etc GF's. For the personal stress, is a self engaged problem (sendiri cari susah).

With all the stress, mind sure GREY lo (why grey? wanna black all but cannot, wanna colourful also cannot, grey in the best to describe it). Luckily, some activities with ms pan & frens and movie seems to keep my body n mind alive. When wanna screams or talk loud loud scare ppl think me "CHI KAU LAN SIN", when wanna laugh loud loud also afraid ppl sent me to Tanjung Rambutan.

Wah, if this thing prolong ar, i dunno will suffer organ disfunctional or not, BUT so far every organ of my body are FUNCTIONING VERY WELL...HAHA., tomorrow need to go and do some mind therapy so can relax a bit.

(my definition of mind therapy: Buying toto or Magnum or 4D, why? because when buying lottery, i will give me some hope that i will be rich and no need to work any more this will ecstasy my whole day..hehe)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mind and Body SYSTEM ERROR!!!

Lately, me suffering from mind and body system error... i think my body and my brain receptors having some problems. We my mind thought of doing something, but my body is doing another. Is that NORMAL? Many times already, for example, my mind want to eat Wan Tan Mee, but somehow my body automatically eat chicken rice. Like i want to wear blue, but i wore black...When i want to drink, but i eat first.. When i wanna shit, i only pee or vice versa...Can anyone tell me, am i ok?

Now i also not sure, whether the beam i designed ok or not? Maybe the beam size i wanna put 750 but i put 250 ....FUCK LO!!! Luckily i din go for prostitution, if not when my mind wanna a real woman, then my body go for AH GUA...SEI LO....

if this happened, i either make him mute him or kill him so that this case won;t spread out..HAHAHAHA

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Beauty On Duty 美麗密令 movie review

Whoa, me really seldom update my blog...I not that busy, but LAZY..

Me last wedneday, me went watch movie alone since ms pan have dance practice. Since i am prohibited to watch Clash of the Titans without her, so i need to choose others to watch. And only Beauty on Duty available that time with nice seating and also have a tough week , i need some laughter to CHEER UP my day..

Movie synopsis:
This Easter, be prepared for another laugh-out-loud comedy starring Sandra Ng and Charlene Choi.

A rookie policewoman (Charlene Choi) rescues a witness of a murder case during her first patrol. The witness is willing to testify against the murderer only if the police team protects his daughter.

As a result of this, the rookie is forced to participate in the "Miss Asia Beauty Pageant" together with the girl to ensure she is safe by her side.

Here my summary:
Erm, the laughing index for this movie is almost same with Just Another Pandora Box... The storyline of this movie is just like normal beauty pageant movie, only the actors and actresses acting skill made this movie more entertaining...Even JIM CHIM a comedian cannot show his potential in this movie too..DULL

That why, a movie hilarious or not is just depending the mood, if your mood is COLOURFUL that day then everything and movie is will the best and vice versa. Since last week not a good week, movie also no good....haiz...

My overall review: 5.5/10

p/s: Haiz, hope can watch "Clash of Titans" this week la..

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How My GF Prevent Me From Reading Her BLOG!!!

How my GF prevent me from reading blog? Very easy only, without any passwords or block my URL..She just use chinese in her blog then me no need to read it...She said that i can use google to translate but by the time i translate and understand the whole blog already that why, when she using chinese to write her blog means "YOU DUN READ MY BLOG" that easy...

this one i knw what it means...hahaha

Erm, if next time i still dun understand what her blog means, i find some CHINA masseuse to translate to me...maybe can do others too while translating...YOYO..

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Late Din Beramboi

I think not many of you guys know who Din Beramboi is... He was a comedian and DJ for Era FM, the late passed away today 1230am (2nd April 2010), died of haemorrhagic dengue fever. For me, i not very familiar with him but every morning i listened to his radio program (since my company 66.66% workers are malay, need to follow majority) at least sometimes his jokes and his conversation with the callers managed to cheer up my blue and dull morning especially on MONDAY...May his soul rest in peace.

the late Din Beramboi

p/s: Besides that, hope my junior MAu will get well soon, he met an accident last night too...