Sunday, March 14, 2010


Yesterday, went to gym with ms pan, to wanna go for 10am Body Balance class but only able to get to there around 1015am. Since late dy, no choice but to join other class lo. As usual, do some cardio and play around with the machine. Then ms pan she insisted she want to join the Yoga class but i want to join RPM, since ms pan malu malu ma then joined the yoga class with her lo (although DAMN reluctant at first, since i never been into the yoga class before, why not give it a try)

Just like why i dun want to join the yoga class, you know la, my body sudah keras keras, yet wanna bend here..PAIN.. The instructor keep on saying "OPEN YOUR HEART, LET YOUR BREATH TO YOUR SPINE.....EXPAND YOUR BODY...." actually me also keep telling my body to do those words but my body only responded this to my mind "SYSTEM ERROR, REBOOT NEEDED"...

Then until this post (as per picture above), me try to do this post, you know what, me tumbang macam POKOK, never mind lo, me keep trying and keep falling too..the worst not the falling is Ms PAN, she laugh 9 me..WAH, no ppl laugh she laugh oh, me so kind hearted accompany her, she laugh 9 me...sienz jor..No need to mention the more difficult post lo, no need to do langsung.

After the class ended, me cepat cepat cabut dy..HAHAHA, but i sure will join yoga class next time, i sure i can do better...HAHAHA (i think without ms pan laughing me will be better)


  1. you are the only guy in the yoga class?

  2. seong? yoga? cant imagine time go vf me ok when i need laughter n entertainment