Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Last monday, i went to ipoh for some matters at the land office there. I reached there around 115pm, eventually counter closed for lunch. Since they lunch, me also went for lunch too, thought wanna called Kampar's scumbag for lunch de, he so hardworking, and fuck me no time. Then i went to old town Nam Heong Kopitiam to had my lunch, you know la, lunch time, difficult to find parking. I noticed a parking at the opposite side, i fuck no time, straight park into that space.

When i went to buy the parking cuopons, an indian guy told me that not to park that car on the opposite side while your car was facing the other side, he said the "orang akan saman", after knew that me cepat cepat find other space parallel my side lo (you know la, in PJ& KL where care about the direction, even the authorities do the same). Luckily, shortly i saw a man with his family walking towards his car and leaving. While me waiting for the parking space, that man walked toward my car and pass me his parking cuopon which still valid for 30 min. Me also shocked, althought he not passing me RM100 note, yet his action is much appreciated. And it really showing me the great moral value of sharing. If for me, i won;t even have the thought to pass the cuopon to the strangers.

Even i already thanked to him, but i want to dedicate a big THANKS to him to, he not only shared the cuopon but also let me realised the moral of sharing.

Thanks to the indian man too. Although the ipoh trip is FUCKING TIRED, but it worth.


  1. you should pay him half the price mah... =)

  2. interesting.. yeah in ipoh we use that.. kinda troublesome i think =P

  3. wah..ipoh ppl so kind d ar...okok...go ipoh stay la..same as u la..

    from Nikel Khor

  4. ya wor...moving to ipoh also a nice suggestion...erm, need to think on that

  5. maybe he expecting you to pay him one... hahaha. but this kind of thing is very rare already...

  6. seon who is tat kampar scumbag.....n seem like ur luck not so bad at all....did u said anything to ur datuk.....wahahahaha