Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hot Summer Days 全城熱戀熱辣辣 Movie Review

Whoa, this is another bonus movie, just like Forest Gump said "Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you gonna get next". Yesterday after my gym session, i suppose to meet Ms Pan at cineleisure at E@curve to buy True Legend movie ticket but unfortunately that movie dun have night show on wednesday, when we want to choose another movie to watch, a girl approached us and passed us two tickets for this movie. If not mistaken, the ticket is from Nanyang Siang Pau, big THANKS to NANYANG SIANG PAU.

Here some synopsis of the movie:
6 heart-warming stories during a summer when the heat ignites emotions and changes lives forever.

Foot masseuse Li Yen (Rene Liu) and chauffeur Wah (Jacky Cheung) lands up in the hospital, she in Shenzhen and he in HK. Their romance begins when Wah sends a text message and a wrong number sends it to Li Yen. Both invent a fantasy life to connect to the other - he a race car driver and she a concert pianist. Can their summer romance survive their lies and deceit?

Will (Nicholas Tse) is a slacker running an air-conditioning repair shop. He sees Maggie (Zhou Xun) always on a motorcycle, always on her way to doing something inexplicable. Will goes on a chase to win her heart, and when he catches her, learns the secret she is keeping, and her mission of fulfilling the dreams of others. But will he be able to help fulfil hers?

A pretty young factory worker Kay (Angela Yang) catches the eye of a deli/grocery store assistant, Fong (Jing Boran). Spurred on by a bet to win a watch if he gets her to be his girlfriend, Fong sets out to impress her by standing outside her factory, at the hottest time of day for 100 days. At the same time, she has a wealthy suitor. Who will she choose?

He, Master Chef (Daniel Wu) runs a fancy sushi restaurant. She, Wasabi (Vivian Hsu) is a food critic who comes home after spending the year travelling the world to find the perfect dinner to finish her cookbook. He wants to make this for her so that she will stay. Will he be able to cook his way into her heart?

An acclaimed photographer Leslie (Duan Yihong) fires a model, ruining her career. He suddenly goes blind and his long-suffering apprentice Da Foo (Fu Xinbo) tricks him into believing this model who he himself has a crush on, has put a curse on him. They go on a journey to find her to lift the curse. Will they find more than a cure for Leslie's blindness?

Business is booming for the man who rents an umbrella on the beach (Gordon Liu). In the day he is happy telling flirty with his young pretty customers. At night, he thinks about his wife who passed away a long time ago. The ancient bulb on her shrine blows out. Will his quest for a bulb that is no longer in production bring lights to a new relationship?

11 people, one heat wave.

Here my summary:
I advised that this movie should be watched in somewhere freezing, if not you sure will feel the heat of the movie. This movie felt damn hot, i can see that most of the actor and actress are not wearing make up since their face are most of the time is sweating.

Since there are 6 different stories in this movie, i can tell you that there will be no time for you to feel bored or dull during this movie. Each story happened in different place. And each story are interesting which make this movie a nice one.

This movie have quite number of big cast like Jacky Cheung, Nicholas Tse, Rene Liu, Daniel Wu even Maggie Cheung and etc...I felt that all the cast in this movie really doing a great job, their eye expression is really awesome (personal view...haha)..Besides the love stories, this movie quite hilarious too.

Worth watching...Especially that Angela Yang, nearly got me fainted..damn gorgeous...

My overall review: 8.5/10

p/s: next time should spend more time wandering around the cinema to get free stuff again...hehe


  1. walau..i want free ticket pun la..

    from Nikel Khor

  2. next time go wander around at cinema, maybe have surprise...