Tuesday, March 2, 2010

All's Well, Ends Well 2010 movie review

Whoa...almost a week i din udpate my blog...what to do, my home wireless router got problem only manage to connect via lan cable..haiz..

I watched this movie last friday, which initially my fren Sue Jin dun wan to mention her name here, whom the organize this time for this so called gathering but she the only one din come..kasi dia FFK us...Luckily got Ah Wong, Gaylou, Soontak, WeiChong, Meng Tat and ah ling who still manage to meet up at Garden before heading to Mid Valley for the movie...Compliment to Ah Wong who bought the tickets for us.

Here the synopsis for the movie:

Princess Pearl of Flowerland is sent to Midland at a young age to learn her ceremonials duties. Her mother, the Queen Mother misses her daughter very much that the King orders his sister, the princess, to return home. However, the princess has fallen in love with General Wing of the Midland army and is reluctant to part from him. As their boat approaches the Flowerland border, Pearl and Wing save the life of a girl named Ying, who seeks to throw herself into the sea after running away from an arrange marriage. Pearl, Wing and Ying are attacked by pirates and Pearl falls overboard in the ensuing chaos. On arrival in Flowerland, the King mistakes Ying for his sister, while Pearl is saved by Ying's father, Million.

Million is poverty stricken. He intends to force his daughter to honor the promise to marry the son (Chuen) of the literary minister Wu so that he can obtain gifts of money. Million realizes that Pearl is not his daughter, but as she is suffering from amnesla, he adopts the girl and takes her to see Wu. Wu's eldest daughter, Yau, is hot-tempered and practical woman. When she realizes Million has fallen on hard times, she immediately refuses to let them stay in their houses. Finally Wu agrees to let them stay in the servants' quarters until Chuen returns from the Imperial Examination to make his decision about marriage. Meanwhile, on the way to the Imperial Examination, Chuen meets and falls in love with Ying. He rejects Pearl and Wu is required to pay compensation to Million for the broken engagement. Taking advantage of the situation, Million asks for one million taels as compensation but Yau counters with just one tael.

In the palace, the King decides to select a prince consort for the princess. Wing realizes Ying is not who she says is and seeks Pearl. During his search, he meets Chuen and Yau. Yau is attracted to Wing and Chuen creates the opportunities for his sister by inviting Wing to stay in their house. At their house, Wing encounters Pearl, but she does not recognize him. Million discovers that Pearl is pregnant and reaches a hasty agreement on the compensation price with Yau. To hide her pregnancy, Pearl is dressed as a man, but meets the King in this guise. The King feels such a strong affinity with the male Pearl that he proposes to make her prince consort. However, Wu also hope Chuen to become prince consort and arranges for him to enter the selection process as a contender.

(get this from http://asianmediawiki.com/All%27s_Well,_Ends_Well_2010, for more, please here )

Here my personal summary:

This movie quite simple but the storyline not that interesting, quite dull in the middle of the story..Luckily have few scenes that entertaining and quite hilarious especially Sandra Ng, did i mentioned before, that i have a fren quite looked alike Sandra Ng...

Overall review: 5/10


  1. so, not only me and soontak that feel that our 'friend' *cough* looks like Sandra Ng...