Thursday, March 4, 2010


What is 450ml? is not at drink but is the amount of blood that i donated last Saturday. It happened very sudden and without any planning at first. Last saturday, i fetch ms pan to attend a dance audition at Istana Budaya, since here audition will only last for around 30 min so i decided to wait her at there. The scorching hot weather keep me stay the car, since that, why not drive around titiwangsa there. After 5 min drive, i saw "PUSAT DARAH NEGARA", without much thinking, i just give a left turn into the center. I though they close on saturday, but not that day. After i enter into the lobby of the center only started to scare PAIN...haha, really KNN...

Not much people at the lobby there, the air con is cold, the ambient is much like a morgue...HAHAHA..kidding.. Fill up the form, then check blood type (luckily my blood type not "K",...hehehe), then went into a room ( a private room) the a medical assistant then start asking question like " did you went to hooker before, did you gangbang people or gangbanged by people..etc, that i only i knw why they need a private room, if later some people say YES to the question, i think all will look at him/her. After the Q&A session, when into the wad and start pumping blood.

Before start, the nurse put the FREAKING needle in front of me. maybe she purposely want to freak the shit out of me. The needle look huge, luckily it just like bite by ant when she insert the needle, feel kinda weird to look at my own blood...erm..(dunno how the ladies felt when they need to face it each month....erm **wondering**). While i trying hard to keep pump my blood out, a little boy walked to his father who doing the same thing like me, the boy looked at me, then her mom said " Itu darah abang keluarkan akan masuk dalam badan kamu nanti.*smile*". i noticed that they boy hand is with the tube, maybe that boy need to transfuse blood to keep him alive. At that time with the word from the boy's mum, i realized that the blood we donated is really a big big giftes to someone who really need it to keep him/her alive.

It ended very fast, around 10-15 min, 450ml of blood have been pumped out from my body. After that, there will be a light meal which consist of a bowl of nasi goreng, milo panas, a pear, 2 packet of biscuit. And the timing really nice, after i have finished my meal, ms pan called that she finished her audition. And i felt great after donate something from my body to someone needed it and the needle hole at my arm heal perfectly...( this called "hou sam yau hou pou"...hehehe)

Sorry, i not managed to take photo since inside the room we need to shut our handphone off to prevent any disturbance to the machine there. I hope i able to make it another round of blood donation at somewhere end of the year, if you guys are interested let me know ya, maybe we can go together gather....for more information about the blood donation, please visit here.

p/s: next time don't worry dun have money to eat lo, i can donate blood then get the free meal..YAHOO....


  1. haha.. got gangbang or not.. lol... i donated like 6 times edy i think.. but just fill up the "info" on the form.. =)

  2. end of month can go there get free food la... hahaha

  3. OMG..forget donate blood tis year again

    from Nikel Khor

  4. wah, not fair loh... i went there donate blood several times dy, but non of those times i got makanan for free!!!!