Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pay RAISE!!! Should Happy or Disappointed?

Pay Raise, is suppose to give more encouragement to the workers to work harder and as a appreciation towards you work (that my personal definition). But it different for me, once i informed that i got my pay raise, IT remind and motivate me to find another job. I can tell you that i not a cowboy worker, and i fucking serious about it....Somehow, i dunno notice any appreciation to any of those...I'm not that materialistic ( a bit la...) but somehow, money is an essential, especially when you got 10 bowl and you only have 5 cover

Pay Raise..Should be HAPPY or DISAPPOINTED?


  1. wa... u got pay raise and still complaining?!

  2. If no pay rise, then is it 10 bowl 2 cover? =p