Sunday, February 21, 2010

My packed CNY

Whoa...My CNY holiday is perfectly USED...starting from night before CNY to the 4th day of CNY. Compared to previous year celebration, i spent much of my time in front of TV but this year is different, i spent my time with the CARDS more than TV... it a new breakthrough.

This is my CNY itinerary,

Night before CNY - Dinner then back home and start BLACK JACK with family members

1st Day of CNY - After breakfast with family and angpow session, start BLACK JACK then visit neoh house and continue BLACK JACK then back home dinner and continue BLACK JACK then go out have a drinks then go to Kien Tiek's house continue BLACK JACK till 230am back home

2nd Day of CNY - Wake up 8am then have a nice morning meal after that start BLACK JACK till afternoon then went to Choon Hoong's place watch Astro National Geographic Channel cum BLACK JACK till 5 something went home. At night, my fren visit my place, then BLACK JACK till 2am.

3rd Day of CNY - Have breakfast then start BLACK JACK then 1230pm attended my frens reunion lunch (from 1pm eat till 3pm...KNS) after that, went to Huey Wuen's place and continue BLACK JACK till 6 pm. At night went to jackie's place start BLACK JACK and 8&9 point (Joint venture banker with Jackie, lost RM 40 less than 20 min...KNS) ended around 2am.

4th Day of CNY - since most of frens start working dy, afternoon went to Wei Chong's house after that start mahjong with my aunt till dinner then continue after dinner....HAHAHA till 10 pm ...after that hang out wit frens till 1am

5th Day of CNY - morning start Mahjong wit bro n sis then my mom, afternoon mahjong with frens then night mahjong with mum n sis then drink with frens till 3am..WHOA...

That how my CNY spent, as a conclusion, i spent more time with the cards then my mum..GOSH.....


loving it'


  1. we have to countdown 365 days from now in order to have that routine again....

  2. play black jac nia la..abo play meh?ekekek

    from Nikel Khor

  3. hello! Happy New Year!
    saya CNY relax saja kat rumah, tidor tidor, playing with my sister's baby, makan-makan~

    now pening, back from holiday and work, Monday veli-veli BLUE~

  4. pui yee: you can come to kl this friday then we can continue our black jack game...hehe

    Nikel: you rite...

    Ahfatt: monday always blue.,..haiz..