Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My visit NS Camp - Kem PLKN Putra-Putri, Alor Gjah, Melaka

Last weekend, i well spent my weekend (which means no SHOPPING). I went to visit my cousin brother who underwent National Service @ Kem Putra Putri Alor Gajah, Melaka. Although, he damn reluctant, no choice, the choice not with him but the government's computer.

Luckily his camp is nearby only 140++km from KL which not too far compare those who have their service somewhere at east coast. Entering the camp is quite strict, especially the attires, the male must wear collar Tshirt, long pant and shoe ( no flip flop) and for the ladies of coz cannot revealling cloth lo (true also, if too sexy, later the male campee will suffer also...HAHAHA) . All the foods that bring into the camp must be checked THROUGHLY for PORK, only non-PORK food allowed. Is kinda suffer when you not having pork for a long time..i suffer from that before too...I think my uncle coming visit will try to smuggle some char siew into the camp for his son..HAHAHA.

All the campers need to wear their uniform on Sunday to meet their parents....HAiz, and no T Shirt outside their camp...

No MERCY to the chicken and Rice Ball from Melaka town..those are yummylicious for campers after having their dog camp food for one week..

Crowded with their parents who miss their child..

My cousin busy sms since they only get back their photo on Saturday nite till sunday evening...

There also lots of parents visit their child in this jail camp. The visiting time only on weekend Sunday from 10am to 5pm (if not mistaken la...). I asked my cousin, got what activities there, he answered one word "SIENZZZZZ.....(BORING, BOSAN)".. Why? Cause the activities only from Monday to Friday and Free on saturday but need to stay in the camp, that is SUCKs...

Here some photos of the KEM:

Luckily the toilet still have doors...

Marching Field...

Where they do the physical stuff...

Dining Hall..

Their Dormitary where they masturbate sleep!

Me also feel STRONG when walk across the marching field....cause me no need to suffer ma..HAHAHAHA

p/s: In this camp, the male campers are named with "Wira" before their name while female campers are "Wirawati", i think few years later they will changed to "MyVi" and "MyViwati" since Proton wira is gonna obsolete ....hehehe

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  1. you went melaka but nvr tell me!!!!! sui seon!!!