Monday, February 1, 2010

My Dream in the Year of the Tiger

Tiger years is coming and Tiger Beer is throwing out a party soon and Tiger Beer is giving away RM 8,888 for making your wish for the tiger year coming TRUE. All you need to do is blog about your DREAM in creative way. For more info just click here.

My Dream in Year of Tiger??? My dream is inspired during my stay at my hometown last weekend. Me was doing spring cleaning that time, i try my best to get rid of as many things as i can. While I busy keep up my things, I went to my photo album...
And it was quite interesting when browsing the old photos and all the good old things will running through my head. And i found out that, me and my family never had a proper Family Photo (where most of the time, the father and mother will sit in front and the siblings stand behind the folks) ya...never before, I too late when I want it...

So it important to cherish every moment we have (while we can).. For this Tiger year, i dream to bring my mom, sis n bro all to go DIVING and have a nice cool family photo below the sea level. Why diving? HAHA, cause i wanna bring my mom do something extreme while she can, since Skydiving is too extreme for my mom ( i afraid that her false teeth will fall out if she scream during skydiving) scuba diving will be nice...

My dream should be something like this..

Nice rite...hope will be real..

If the RM8,888 have some leftover, then i shall use that amount for Education purposes.. Ya, i wanna learn something with that...Nope, not MBA, not Master in Management, this time is Master of FengShui...Interesting rite...haha, i wanna learn no because i wanna cheat make business in fengshui but just wanna fullfil my curosity towards that field. Fengshui is not a belief or religious but just some kind of calculation based on the direction..Interesting, very interesting....

Ok ma..this image..

Happy Chinese New Year !!!

p/s: Haiz..nowadays, no money will f*ck by fren de...pity pity..

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  1. wah, so pity meh...
    who dare to fuck you woh?
    but i know that you are just so pity about last night MSN conversation.... ...keke..!!!