Thursday, January 14, 2010

LMF Pls.....

LMF i mean is not the Hong Kong rapper but Love Mother Father...Today i read a news reporting that a son and his daughter-in-law abandoned his father who also just undergone heart surgery.

The star news:

A 57-year-old man, who had just undergone heart surgery, thought he could recuperate at home but was in for a shock when his son told him not to return home.

Harian Metro reported that Abdul Rahman Talib was abandoned by the roadside in Kangar with just a bag of clothes by his 30-year-old son after his daughter-in-law refused to let him back into the house.

“I asked my son to drive me to town although I did not know where I could go. Instead, he left me in front of a school.

“I cried as I stepped out from his car. I did not expect him to treat me like this after I’ve brought him up lovingly all these years,” he said, adding that he felt lost wandering around before finally settling down for the night at a bus stop.

(pls visit here for the whole story:

Ya, i knw that we maybe not getting the whole picture to give our conclusion maybe the father done something really bad ..But no matter how bad, that old man still his parents, the parents is the only priceless assets we ever have in our life, they the one who brought us here.

Somehow, people only to feel regret when they lose it. Today, is exactly two years , i loss my beloved dad. He left without saying anything, he just gone peaceful two years ago. If i gave a wish, i wish that i spend more quality time with my parents because i learned that Life really short, we never know when it gonna end. Just appreciated the moment with them. I read some blogs where the bloggers are hate their parents for controlling their life or whatever, by the time they not controlling you, you knw that you gonna miss it.

If i have a last words to my dad, it will be "Dad, i really love you"...

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