Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hang OVER!!!

A hangover or delayed alcohol induced headache describes the sum of unpleasant physiological effects following heavy consumption of alcoholic beverages. The most commonly reported characteristics of a hangover include headache, nausea,sensitive to light and noise,lethargy,diarrhea and thirst. A hangover may also induce psychological symptoms including heightened feelings of depression and anxiety.

(definition from Wikipedia)

Hangover, i experienced it few times.. And each time my hangover is worse than before. For me, me usually have no symptom during the time drink ( drink really hard) or even after drink it but me suffer from the hangover the next day MORNING....and that time only start to headache, felt wanna throw out and etc. Those are small potatoes...

My worst HANGOVER experience is about 4 or 5 years ago...Celebrating my grandpa birthday among my family members... I not sure what i had drank during that time, but i know i drank plenty of whisky on the ROCK..everything OK until the JACK DANIEL cum GUINNESS STOUT...that what turned the nightmare on..




I started to talk nonsense (means you ask what, i answer what..) and drunk till wrong recognized my sis's bf as my brother..later than TOTALLY K.O unconsciously. I manage get back to my home via my uncle's shoulder( firemen lift) big THANKS TO HIM....back home sure throw out la..ppl usually seat straigth to throw out, me throw out while still laying, drunk till cannot even seat my ownself, AND that time my brother take care me the whole night..HAHAHAHA (luckily i am youngest brother...elder take care younger is a LAW). I only gain my consciousness on the morning, and this hangover and throw out continue for another 24 hours..means i only get back on my feet after 1 day squating near the toilet bowl.

After 24 hours throw out, then come my parents nagging la...HAHAHAHA....After that incident, me freak out when smell whisky...afternmath 4 years only dare to take a sip...HAIZ..And until today, me still unable to retrieve back what i had said and done. totaly out of my memory....SHIT..From that incident, i learnt what's mean by hangover and throw out..Luckily my mom and father still recognized me after 24 hours of throw out ...

And that is my HANGOVER HELL-experiences..

p/s: but if now you insist want to treat me drink, me sure will accompany you...

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