Wednesday, January 27, 2010


POK KAI...this only words i wanna shout out LOUD now....Just now only, somebody BANGED into the car i driving. I wanna turn RIGHT with my signal ON, then suddenly BANGED. During my turning, me saw that car coming forward...SHIT at that moment...wanna stop not, wanna accelerate also CANNOT...DIU ..REALLY REALLY DIU....



She said DIN saw me turning...some of her friends even worst said that me din give SIGNAL.... Me that time really wanna say FUCK YOU, din give signal !!! Me do the turn cause that car is stopping, by the time i turn, she accelerate...HAIZ...FML. She admit her fault (luckily) and will compensate all the repair cost..Scratch on the right side and the door enter a bit dy..HAIIZ...that no the worst part....

The worst part is that THE CAR I DRIVING IS NOT MINE, IS MY SIS NEW CAR....(this time really be hooker also canot la...) ..What a new year SURPRISE for me