Sunday, January 10, 2010

CNY Preparation...

CNY is coming soon... Some preparations need to be done. No no, is not CNY decoration to my house and also not buying some new clothes for CNY. But is this, this is very important and must DO before celebrating CNY..

1. BUY or READ it at MPH Joey Yap's books regarding the fengshui place and star of the year. i.e the best place to face when working, what the best color to wear at the starting of this CNY, where to sit when playing BLACK JACK with Friends (this one is essential....fucking important)

2. After Joey Yap then Lilian Too's magazine come to action, see what the best arrange for the bed ar, when is the rite time to shit n peep any many more...

3. Must learn more on to ACT..YA POKER FACE, when if you are holding BURSTED card you also act like you are holding 21 ..You knw la, CNY is coming, BLACK JACK is a know la, many of my fren always wanna "small knife cut big tree" and with this theory if i the one be the dealer "You see, when you lose all of us happy, when you win all fuck you, so is the best you just lose" ..ya this seems rite sometimes but me wont levient to them, they all are pretender, even you lose like hell they fuck you NO TIME..HAHAHA

p/s: erm...this year CNY on Valentine day, dunno still got people wanna play black jack with me since Ms Pan is at Sabah that time, and I SO FREE LONELY...haiz..

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