Sunday, January 3, 2010

Avatar movie review

Watched Avatar last wednesday, i bought the tickets in 4 days advance (kiasu a bit...scare cannot get cheap tickets)..HAHA.. Ok, before i went to watch this movie, i read many review and heard many positive feedback for that movie. So even mentioned that Avatar should be the movie of the year. With all those review, i had a high expectation of the movie.

Here the synopsis of the movie:
Opening scene: a camera sweeps high across the treeline of a lush, green world.

Intercut is a sequence of images of Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) waking up in a VA hospital, where he is one of a seemingly endless number of wounded war veterans. Jake awakens inside a pod-like apparatus, where he's comforted by hospital staff. Then, through voiceover and dialogue with both hospital and military officials, we learn that Jake has a recently deceased twin brother -- Tom, a scientist -- who was to be part of a highest-level program overseen by corporate and military strategists. Because Jake and his brother are genetic matches, he's presented with a unique opportunity: take over his brother's contract with with corporate-military entity and travel light years away to an outpost on the previously glimpsed world, Pandora.

Acknowledging the notions of "being free" and having a "fresh start", Jake agrees to the deal as his brother's body is cremated.

Now aboard a human transporter spacecraft, Jake is one of many soldiers and personnel about to touch down on Pandora, actually a moon of the planet of Polyphemus, some 4.3 light years from Earth. We catch views of the base and its construction as Jake ponders his new role. Then, as the other passengers disembark and take their first steps onto the base, we see Jake make his first pushes into this world, for Jake is in a wheelchair. Jake acknowledges through voiceover that he lost the use of his legs during one of his tours of duty on Earth, and while a spine can be fixed, that "takes money," and that is tough to come by in the present economy. To add insult to the situation, Jake is referred to as "Meals on Wheels" by a few of his fellow travelers who are about to begin their careers as for-hire workers on Pandora.

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but the graphic is AWESOME!!!

Here my summary for the movie:

This movie only SO-SO...not as good as what the review i read before. For i can see, i watch this movie as an animation movie, although each action is done by real person behind the green screen. AND the most important, while i watching this movie i sat beside a couple. The girl sat beside me (not Ms Pan) keep on talking and asking during the movie, which sound something like this "Why like this de","Aiyer...that one very cute ar....","Why that character is like that de"...and if got some exciting scene, she will like this, " SHIT...sHIT...No...NO...Shit ...SHIT...AH....SHIt...."...she just like moaning in the bed...GOSH, that is fucking disturbing, really KNS...come, please be thoughtful for others....

Ok, about the movie content, my mind summarized it like what happened in IRAQ, where the Western attack the middle east country for CRUDE OIL...that is exactly what's in this movie. The human attacking the Pandora for priceless mineral. OPSSHHH.....sorry for the spoiler...HAHAHA...

My overall Rating : 7/10

p/s: gonna watch something else this Week ...hAHAAHA

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  1. u watch the normal one or 3d one? ppl said the 3d one is the good one...