Monday, January 25, 2010

Almost GROUNDED!!!

This incident happened 2 weeks ago (if not mistaken), it started with the thumbdrive i have. I used to have a 4 gb thumbdrive for personal and work usage. Month before that, i copied some movies and passed to Roger since he fucking lonely during the previous month. I copied many movies and i forgot to clear up the movies inside the thumbdrive before i bring it to office to use it.

Just 2 weeks ago, i rushing proposal for few projects. And my boss want to copy some documents for me to edit, he asked me whether i have any thumbdrive or not. I took out my thumbdrive and want to pass to him, but my mind suddenly flashed pass than something "nice" still inside the thumbdrive so i said i din have thumbdrive. After that, i back to my place and check the files inside thumbdrive, i discovered that the movies still inside...PHEW...luckily, i din pass that thumbdrive to my boss...if not, use DETTOL clean also not clean...OK guys, is not Porno inside ok, it just some movies..named "sex drive" but that movie is damn funny...

Next time better format the thumbdrive before i pass it to my boss, if next time for got to clean the japanese or korean "love action" series then FUCK Lo..later he think me is a psycho who watched porno at office...HAHAHA..

p/s: Maybe he will ask me whether got more that movie or not le..HAHAHAH


  1. hahah.. i know that sex drive movie! =P

  2. aiyo...personal dun mix with work mah. use a separate thumbdrive!

  3. gaylou: tarak duit ma....RM30 very expensive le..hehehe

    amanda: damn nice, i watched few times dy...hahaha