Tuesday, December 15, 2009


"YOU FUCKER" this is what i being scolded by a project manager...Besides this, still got many others teasing words..lazy to think back...

I being scolded because doing my job... He keep repeating the FUCK, FUCKER, FUCKING, BALLS, LANCAU, GO TO HELL... That i dunno why the hell he FUCKING me, totally speechless that moment, the phone on for few minutes to hear him BARK, after finish bark then he cut off the line. THEN a moment later, he called again n keep BARKING for few minutes then cut off again. HAIZ....Later, another guys called me and explained to me what the FUCK happened..that dumb Project Manager thought i delaying his work, in the end he found out that me only doing my job...

But all the FUCKING words still in my mind, his FUCKING words made me fucking down till just now. Me went to RPM class just my n keep pedelling till my groin also pain...after that class fucking tired, then back home, during my drive home..All the Moodless seems gone, then my mind come with one words "FUCK YOU NO TIME" (Endorphins really works).

This incident only sparked my inner fire... I will remember one words " Kuan zi po sau, 10 lian mei mann" (gentlement revenge never too late)...HAHAHAHA

p/s: this incident also teach me never bark before analysed......


  1. next time ask him to clam down 1......c who fault is it......then only FUCK him bec 99......

  2. hmm...happy to see u think positively...never bark b4 analyse..=)
    F*** him no time.. Dear, just remember this verse..."everything happened for a reason"..
    i will always stand by your side..

  3. well...revenge is not that sweet....
    when u see him next time...say this
    "sir,is everything sorted out now,i am sorry for the misunderstanding,hope everything is fine now?"
    this fuger will be to force to say sorry to u la like this...

  4. that was a rude thing to do. sorry for u

  5. mati puteh puteh le...even the eyes also turn puteh...hahaha