Saturday, December 5, 2009

Will you Donate to them?

Today, i went SHOPPING with Ms Pan.. This time nice, i din suffer throughout this shopping session cause I got PSP to play..HAHAHA (my brother borrow me again) she went into the shop then i continue play...SYIOK...

Ok, after playing quite awhile i walk around then suddenly a young teenager girl come toward me and start talk this:

Girl: Mister, can i talk to you for awhile, don't worry, i not selling things...
Me: Ok...
Girl: Ok, Mister i come from XXXX rumah orang cacat from Ipoh, here is my identification card...i come here as a volunteer for that rumah orang cacat to collect fund to buy "lazy man" chair for that house.
Me: Ok....
Girl: We only need RM 35 from mister to help the house....
Me: (me geleng my head)
Girl: If mister don't want to give RM35, mister can donate RM20 (she continue with her theory why you need to donate to her)
Me: (me continue geleng my head...)
Girl: Mister, if RM20 cannot RM 10 also can.....
Me: (me still continue geleng my head)
At that moment, the smiling face girl turned her face into black color....then she continue asking this
Girl: Mister, why you don't want to donate LE!!!
Me: (me gelenging my kepala and walked away.... and act like nothing happened)

It happened to me many times, got various kind of things to donate i.e. pampers, milk powder, chair..and more .
And I always got this same question in my mind each time they ask me ARE THEY REAL!!!

Ok, i not try to said that everyone asking for donation is fake but i remembered that i read a articles saying that the charity house really issue the authority to them to ask for donation but every donation they make they will get a part of it... something like this the charity house get 40% while the so-called volunteer get 60%.

So till now i still don't believe they really a warm hearted volunteer.....

p/s: i had promised myself that if i WIN Lottery...i will donate 20% of the winning sum to do charity...i still holding to PLS DEAR CHOI SUN(god of wealth) let me win some la.....


  1. Choi Sun! Let me win! I'll donate 21% to do charity :P

  2. i dont believe them when they said u need to donate a certain minimum amount. and the worst part is, if u dont donate the minimum amount, then they'll said that any amount will do! (!!!) wtf?

    ps: donate another 20% to me also... :D

  3. u should walk away wen she said donate RM35....u let her talk so long u oso dun wan donate tat y here face turn black lar......

    p/s: pls donate 19% for me too.....

  4. eh....most of my fren also need about we also go out n ask for donation...hahaha

  5. haha. i will totally ignore them (act dumb) especially when they approach me while im eating. thats just rude even for charity purposes.