Sunday, December 27, 2009

Treasure Hunter movie review

Watched this movie yesternight.. Initially though wanna watch Avatar unfortunately only available on front row although bought in evening. And this movie is Mandarin movie...erm, if they talked too fast cannot understand what they mean then need to read the subtitle.

Ok, Here the synopsis:
In the northwest desert where countless prosperous dynasties have flourish and fall, there is rumor of a treasure of unbelievable riches buried among it. A group of mysterious guardian have been guarding the map to the location of the treasure until a fierce rivalry erupted. A notorious international crime group, The Company hunted down the map keeper and before they managed to secure the map, the keeper passed the map to a young chivalrous man Ciao Fei (Jay Chou).

Ciao Fei was forced to give up the map to save the live of his mentor’s daughter Lan Ting (Lin Chi Ling),. Teaming up with Hua Ding Bang (a famous archeologist) and Lan Ting they embark on a dangerous journey to recover the map and fight to protect the ancient treasure.

Here my summary:
If you read the synopsis above, you will think will have many action part, the treasure hunting process will be very adventures, and also there will be many treasure at the tomb. Sorry for those who wanna watch this movie and read this blog. For me two words to describe this movie, "SIENZZZZ" and "PUI".... ("PUI" = spliting out saliva)

I don't is my problem not understand the mandarin or this movie is "PUI". Even Ms Pan felt this movie is SIENZZZ. Anyhow, those describe is based on personal view.

Why this movie catergorized "PUI"? I tell you why, you don't know why suddenly will have this characters, they suddenly come out and then don't come out again ( NOT one, MANY MANY), I don't know why that is like this and that ( they never explain how that come out and why is like that...Confusing), the adventures to the tomb is SUCKS...Like can straight go in to the center of the tomb only one stage of trap...haiz...SIENZZ le...And the ending of the movie is like HANGING... erm.....
Luckily one this good above this movie is the theme song of this movie..sang by Jay Chou and dunno who.

My Overall rating: 5/10

p/s: Luckily not sit front row for this movie, if not sure SUCKS.....


  1. that bad? jay chou looks ridiculous with that long hair! better go watch sherlock holmes :P

  2. yaya...i think avatar will better...

  3. never even cross my mind to watch it, lols.
    AVATAr rocks , man.
    At least bodyguards better la

  4. i think so..avatar will be better, that why me gonna watch it this wednesday...HAHAHA

  5. u watching the 3D one? wanna know how u wear the 3D glasses...