Saturday, December 19, 2009

Time's UP!!!

I worked for 1.5 years dy, is time i need to think and plan. Plan for my career. I cannot imagine i work the SAME thing in 10 years time. NONO!!!, that day i have a short talk with my boss, he said that engineering is a very "square" things, cause many things is limited by the code of practice and standards. That why, is time for me to plan something for myself.

I planned to further my studies and for sure it either part time or weekend class. I need to continue to work ( me dun eat nvm, my car's loan need to be paid back..haiz). Still thinking what the fucking course I should pursue, this not ok, that not suitable ....haiz..MBA??? WAH...need to read a lot wor...SIENZ.... Master Finance?? what is finance??? Master in Engineering?? WAH.... AGAIN meh??

Another reason for me to continue study is, last time my mom had told me to continue to study and with the knowledge we have we will increase our value. And that is true too, with the qualification I will never starve to death (and eat sand at the end of the month)...

Hope in future 0.5 years i had planned everything and go on with my plan...**cross fingers**. So you guys got any recommendation on what to study?

p/s: As an alternative plan, i still continue to buy toto ..HAHAHA


  1. wah~! nvr thought our mr.phung here got think about furthering study boh~

    hope you'll find the course you're interested soon and move forward to achieving your dreams~

    support you~~~~ ^_^

  2. entrepreneur course..
    sendiri bcome boss..then u can f ur employees..haha
    if i wan to take 1 more degree, think i will take finance.. financial is important ka..bcos involve $$..then can learn investment..haha plan ur $$ for future..haha
    p/s: above, all is based on my own opinion..

  3. pui yee: HAHA, u rite, me also nvr told of tat too...

    jackie: if wan to learn investment just go n talk to nobitak...he expert.

  4. seon: study MBA lah,part time basis (night time)

    i am not expert in investment, cuma tipu aunty buy bra aje...

  5. can tipu AUNTY buy ur bra is the most comprehensive skill man...hahha

  6. take finance or accounting is good la.. can noe how to manage money.. after all, that is all why we are working.. :)

  7. erm...seems every suggestion also nice...need to think hard this time