Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oh NO, is another Christmas!!!

Hohoho...another Christmas is coming soon, very soon. I like Christmas because HOLIDAY...damn syiok bout it (pity to my fren kevin leong, he maybe had to work day after christmas). But Christmas means need to get something to GF as a Christmas gift, i can tell you that i din even prepare or even think anything for her. GOSH, this is more difficult to decide than building highrise.

Haiz, want to buy this, not enuf duit, want to buy that also not enuf duit...then wanna buy that dunno she like it or not...then that lo, dunno she need it or not... haiz...**garu kepala**

If really no idea, and my last choice is this:

Beras Cap Rambutan

At least i can eat too ...HAHAHA



  1. seriously???u really give her a pack of rice???? u sure??? i faint!!

  2. u give her lots of massage lo... its better, money canot buy la...=)

  3. haha...kawan me no nid to work on sat...so i m goin to kl...any program for us tat din go singapore....