Thursday, December 3, 2009

My experience with BTN

I think more than 3 years ago, due to activity in UM, i need to attend some BTN (Biro TataNegara) course. The camp i went is located at Kuala Kangsar, deep into the jungle. Ok, at first i dunno what the hell that BTN is all about.

First they talk about malaysia talk communist talk talk then merdeka ...then talk talk chinese pulak. Then started to talk about rubbish, you knw what they said about chinese " Kaum cina telah pun diberi peluang untuk tinggal di malaysia dan diberi kewarganegaraan, Tapi mereka pula mahu lebih, mahu itu mahu ini, mahu mansuhkan hak keisitimewaan kaum melayu... Kaum cina haruslah berasa syukur kerana diberi peluang untuk terus tinggal di Malaysia. Jangan lagi minta."and continue all the rubbish...

At that moment, in my mind is like "WHAT THE FUCK". After independent for 50++ years yet that kind of mentallity still haunting they all. I believed that till now the younger one also brainwash with those words . FUCK..That course is a compulsory for most of the government servant who want to get promoted. And lately, BTN course had been stirred up by some state and banning their civil servants to attend that course.

Come back to the big QUESTION " CAn 1MALAYSIA be achieved? HAIZ........

p/s: i not trying to spark some issue here, i just telling what i listen before.


  1. undilah barisan nasional, menjamin masa depan kita.

  2. my BTN oso done at there kuala kangsar.....

  3. why did you guys attend BTN one???

  4. not only DOCTOR attend BTN course...students too...HAHAHAHAHAHA