Sunday, December 13, 2009

Monopoly City

Last weekend, my sister saw monopoly board game, she excited with she decided to buy it and then she said it with be my birthday present cum Christmas see, she want to play then buy it ask a present, so smart...

After bought if for one week then only play it...Whoa, that a long game..almost 2.5 hours. Shit.... i was the earlier to bankrupt...DIU... Lose to my sis n Ms Pan.

This monopoly city is same as the online game, every rules and the auction process is the same. And you also can built some sewerage plant near the building they built to decrease the value of the building...Interesting game, although this game consume a lot of time.

So anyone interested to play?

p/s: i spent almost 30 min to read the instruction to play...cause so many new things...haha.. and i will REVENGE for it Ms. PAN..


  1. haha....CNY play u will not gamble....leng mou..wakakaka

  2. Cny play monopoly???? mr leong, you give horse push....

    pui time back kpr play..

  3. all can have a healthy CNY no nid gamble...wakakaka....

  4. the new set looks so modern compared to the old one in the 90's :)