Sunday, December 6, 2009

Jump (跳出去) movie review

I went watch Jump (跳出去) last friday, 1130pm show....This show only screen in small cinema hall but the hall is quite full, luckily bought the tickets earlier through maybank2u...

The movie is about a naive farm girl's life changes, after becoming a media sensation for perfecting her own hip-hop martial arts dancing style. This story is original by Stephen Chow but directed by Stephen Fung.

like most of the movie, kiss kiss must have...

kung fu in hip hop....

Here my own summary:
I really got a high expectation on this movie before i watched it. And the outcome is no as i expected. First, the cast of this movie is 95% is from China so they speak mandarin but this is a cantonese movie so the whole movie is not their own voices and you can see that their mouth movement not same with the dialogue, no SYIOK already. I though i can laugh throughout the whole movie tim but this is no a comedy movie like Stephen Chow previous movie. If you want to catergorize it into dance movie also not, only got few part got dance. But this movie is something like struggle for your own dreams and naive life make things better.....

So my overall review: 6.0/10

p/s: During this movie, a guy sit beside Ms Pan is pathetic.... His laugh GILA, little thing LAUGH KUAT KUAT...little thing LAUGH KUAT KUAT ....aiyoh...kacau orang...


  1. LOL! Those type of people is just too "kampung" la..haha!

  2. look fun.. haha..
    but i dont think i have time for it.. >.<

  3. i think the show also got in mandarin one. guess that it depend on which cinema you go.

    maybe guy think that stephen chow=comedy. so he forced himself to laugh. lol.