Tuesday, December 8, 2009

If you can choose again what will you want to major in?

Today i heard from my cousins that they ended their SPM paper dy. And they gonna have their long holiday before further their studies....

Then today while i was in the toilet doing my business...i wondering what will i choose to work AGAIN..MUAHAHAHA...

Specialist Doctor major in gynecologist?? NO, I WON'T.. after hearing doctor neoh's story it make me realized that Doctor is hospital buruh kasar.....Even worst is that gynecologist is pity (for men) where men tend to find happiness from the hole while he looking problem in that hole...haiz....

Civil Engineer?? NO la....i working it now...don;t find it any interesting...And i advised to the younger ones, please think x 30 before you want to work as civil engineer. If not you find that your life will be either beam slab or column for the first few years...

Teacher??? Erm...this job nice, when school holiday can holiday..nice nice... But this job not suitable for me, cause this job is too MULIA... If i face some kinky students i sure will the four letter words to curse from their grandparents to his grandchildren...

Lawyer??? Same with about la..if lose in argument sure curse the judge "YOU ALL FAMILY DIE!!!"....and also me not good in memorizing all those clause and bylaw....

Police??? this nice....sit in the car, drive drive...always NANTI ANTI-Rasuah....But my mom said that "Good son cannot be army (police)" so this cannot be my choice..

Write "Ma Pui"??? This one also good wor...only work on tuesday, wednesday, saturday and sunday ..... But if kena tangkap need to wash punggung and sit at sungai buloh...

Chinese Funeral Priest (La mo lou)??? This one also not bad...work occasionally when people die...Good too...ppl never knw what you singing so sing wrongly also no ppl knw...goood good... But i dunno chinese...haiz.,..

What....think back also don't to work as.....But one think i can tell you, i will continue to study n fail, study n fail then i can prolong my STUDENT LIFE LA...HAHAHAHAHA


  1. I'm doing biotech but if i can perform magic. I'll zap myself back and choose something else.

    Chinese Funeral Priest. Yeah, what you've said is quite true. Haha

  2. be makeup artist lor :D

    for dead bodies. :x

    eh one body can earn 2-4k one leh! :x

  3. WAH....really? makeup for dead can earn tat much????

  4. dude, don't discourage people because of my words la.. but honestly, those who really wanna be Dr, think 3 thousand times first ya.. otherwise.... hiah. Wakaka

  5. LOL! study n fail many times oso boring ler.. hahha.. the gynae part so funny ler.. if man become gynae then he must be looking at a hole in distress.. so many "down there" problem wooo..

    if i were given a chance to change my course, i would've taken something that can enhance my writing skills, my language or maybe my management skills. life after studying biomedicine like hell? in malaysia? SUCK! BIG TIME!