Monday, December 28, 2009

Are Female's Imagination more interesting?

Ok, previously i watched a clip, it was a stand alone comedy, where a guy talk to make ppl laugh. And i remember that he had mentioned about girls which what had i gone through this 2 days. He said that if your gf dreamt that you are having a affair then she believed that that true.

My case is just sightly different which like this. Me and Ms Pan are watching Born Rich 富貴門 these two days. If you watched this drama who also knw that Angie are flirting with Marcus where Marcus are married with children. When there is a scene Angie and Marcus together, Ms Pan will keep on MUMBLING "BITCH..BITCH (perempuan murahan)" then "Damn that MAN...". After that, she will looking at me as if i having the same AFFAIR too...KNS...I am FUCKING innocent men, and she just using the same starring on me. This keep on continue whenever she see that scene. HAIZ....

Watch drama already like this, if she dream me having AFFAIR then me mai POK KAI dy???

p/s: i think i need to quickly finish that drama better...if not dunno how long i need to suffer ..


  1. hahahaha...kesian you became scapegoat nia

  2. wa wa wa...where got..u misunderstand liao...i look at u is becasue i gv signal to u WHY THEY WANT TO DO LIKE THT...marah betulll....

  3. really mo? i dun think so wor...

  4. wakkaaka. seong you better jaga jaga, dun curi makan . or if u curi makan let me know, i'll let miss pan know, haha