Monday, December 21, 2009

Am i LOYAL to my GF?

Based on this photo, can you tell how loyal is me to my relationship with Ms Pan?

Ok, yes we do quarrel fortnightly or sometimes weekly. But i am loyal to my gf, ok .... even though sometimes i watched Japanese "LOVE" action movie, but that din not mean i not loyal towards our relationship.....Ok i can explain for the picture above.

Here is my explaination, since christmas is coming and i yet to find any christmas gift for her. And that day at the curve suddenly i spotted a perfect gift her and the same time someone took this picture and causing some misunderstanding.

For this picture, i'm not a manic OK... i just want to feel the mannequin's boobs fabric only, that all..nothing much. And from here i can prove that i am still loyal towards our relationship. ...Ms Pan, i am serious towards our relationship.

And about this picture, i had nothing to explain....haiz....

Wish everyone have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful Winter Solstice

p/s: Pls, i not a MANIC ok...those pictures only play play only...HAHAHA


  1. you seems very happy when touching the boobs... oops.. i mean the 'fabric'..

  2. y ur fren take picture so geng.. very good timing, haha..