Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Am I being bestowed DATO' or TAN SRI and i don't it???

Lately, i think start from this month, i received many calls looking for Dato' and Tan Sri. And they not called once although they knew they dialed the wrong number, they CALLED few times a row. Which something like this,

Phone rang, i picked up
X: Good Morning, Dato' ...I called from XXX
Me: Sorry, wrong number
X: Oh, sorry, sorry

Moment later,
X: Good Morning, Dato' ...I called from XXX..just want confirm with you the quotation about the #$%^$&^$*^&. So are you ok with it?
(Me purposely let him finish his sentences)
Me: Sorry, you dialed the wrong number again....
X: HAIZ.....cut the line....

After this call, then later got another ppl looking for Tan Sri pula....same thing, again n again n again......

Maybe i really being bestowed and i duno....HAHAHA



  1. wa....u got same number as a datuk?!

  2. not this month la...i think since november la!! u still remember tht i help u to answer the phone call when u was driving?? also call u Tan Sri one...

  3. whoa.... bestowed for 2 months dy