Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Photoshop Newbie...

Lately i brushing up my photoshop touch up effect...HAHAHA, if you notice, the picture i uploaded lately are much nice or better than previous rite..HAHA.. I edit the photo till I addicted in it.. The photoshop can do so many miracle things, from refine to make over the whole picture....But still learning, all my source are from internet GOOGLING....Hope you enjoy my photoshop picture...Enjoy...

Here some of my new product...all good words are welcome...hehe (if i see got any bad comment, i will blast their bleedy head to the wall n let all your brain flowout like Taufu fa...HAHAHA)

LEng MO???


p/s: Now try something new n fun....will post later


  1. nice..
    i learned photoshop from google too =P

  2. my darling so clever...
    his photoshop become nicer day by day..