Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nail on a piece of wood.

I remember i get this story from one of my friend who write to his friend. The story goes like this, for me it quite true.

A relationship, friendship are just like a piece of wood. The more closer your friendship means your wood is bigger. But every words or actions that we hurt our friends or parents are just like hammering a nail into the piece of wood. The more we hurt, the more nail we have on it. And apologizing to them is just like taking out the nails from the wood. But although we removed the nails, the hole/scars will remained forever. So treasure your friends, parents, loves one more... never try to put nail to them.

For me, i have hammered huge number of nails into my friends, especially those who always appeared and be headline of blog. But i never worry, cause i worked in construction field and i got a lot of wood filler (used to fill back the hole in the wood). SO FRENS, I GONNA CONTINUE do the hammering work lo...HAHAHAHAHAHA


  1. this it i tell u b4?? internet also got this story eh...
    who is the next victim?

  2. hahaha:) heard of this before though.