Saturday, November 14, 2009

My little Hobby

Everyone have their own hobby, i have too...Please my fren is not watching PORNO ok...My hobby is collecting key chain. Although not very active in doing it, yet still can consider a little hobby la.. Here my collections, ya i know very small amount only...

This Is It.... My little collection...

Beijing Olympic Mascot

Hong Kong's ...

this one is campur campur...

This is my favorite.. (from my dad n mom)

Every piece of them have their own story. When I went to visit some place, i try to look for the landmark key chain. Most of the key chains are gifts from my parents, brother sister and of coz my friends...Thank ya..

p/s: About the porno things ar....i do collect too...HAHAHA


  1. Wuah there sure a lot of keychains. I'm not a full time collector when it comes to keychains but I have some that I've collected XD I should blog about it too ;)

  2. since you are having the collecting hobby, recommend you to join our wei chong's hobby.........

    coin and notes collection...then you both can always share the views...haha

    but you key chains are beautiful

  3. "but you key chains are beautiful" glad that get ur invitation ... but my key chain only small small thing..ur coins n notes only the real hardcore...

  4. haha.. did not notice u got tis hobby...
    I also got collect keychains..haha but coins n notes really a long term ppl play 1..

  5. then i know what to get you when i go travelling next time - quality landmark keychain of that place! haha~!

  6. jackie: u also got this hobby too???

    pui yee: that my purpose ..HAHAHHA