Monday, November 23, 2009

My another ART experience!!

Last week, Ms Pan purposely went to 1U to buy a performance tickets " Hand Percussion - Dreams In November" Saturday 300pm at KL Pac . Since my Ms Pan so keen wanna to go to watch the show, and as A GOOD Boyfriend sure will accompany her.

Ok, arrived there around 3pm luckily the show haven;t start that time. (For those want to knw more about Hand Percussion Team can visit this , sorry i can't extract from there).

Before i went there, i asked Ms Pan what is this show all about and she cannot answer me. Ok fine, i go watch try to get understand what the show all about. But even after the show, i still dunno what the show all about. SHIT, 2 things only.. either i am a fucking-not-an-ART-person or i slept the whole show. Don't worry, i won't criticize the show cause i dun understand so how to criticize ..HAHAHA...Maybe i more to a science person explanation for everythings.

Luckily that show got some drums and music instruments played to keep me AWAKE..if not i really will snoring throughout the whole show...Sorry, i no photo cause all is copyright, if you want to see some photo can try to look it in facebook.

p/s: The most funny is that, i asked Ms Pan why like this or what that means, she answered me " I DON'T KNOW"...HAHAHAHA, she claimed herself art person...

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  1. art not necessary must know all de ma...some more im in dance field leh~ this show is min usic field...=P blek...